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G90 Specifications

Genesis G90 driving image

Genesis G90 driving image

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Discover The Genesis G90

G90 introduces a bold new direction that premium cars should pursue, with advanced assistance features that make driving easier, along with a variety of new technologies that add value to passengers’ journeys.

Genesis G90 interior
Genesis G90 Puddle lamps



The G90 redefines luxury with its front designed with a new Crest Grille and a sharp Two-Line MLA (Micro Lens Array) headlamps, its side profile with a sleek and parabolic line, and its strong and well-balanced rear.



The G90 takes on Genesis’ design ethos of the ‘Beauty of White Space’, harmoniously combining the feeling of a high-tech device with new technologies and the luxurious details that come with analog sensitivities.




The exclusive front and rear bumper design brings out the classy quality even more. Enjoy our new side profile with extended rear door and C-pillar, and see how the 20-inch wheels and tires add the uniqueness of the G90 LONG WHEEL BASE.


A variety of advanced driver assistance systems

Using cutting-edge driving technology and our driver assistance system, the G90 enhances the level of safety and convenience to protect passengers from any potential risks, both in and out of the vehicle.


Innovative technology that enhances user engagement

State-of-the-art convenience features in the driver’s and rear seats will score high in satisfaction, perfectly befitting the title of a flagship sedan. The rear seat Armrest Touch Screen (ATS) provides the rear passengers greater convenience by allowing them to set climate control modes, seat position, massage settings, while the new Mood Curator and Virtual Venues offer several selectable hues that suit your taste. EasyClose system close the door without passengers to reach out and grabbing the handle, maximizing the convenience.


Stable and smooth driving experience

Featured with Multi Chamber air suspension, G90 alters air pressure in the air springs according to driving conditions and drive modes for driving stability, allowing for a more comfortable ride while securing stable control of the vehicle. The high performance engine and 8-speed automatic transmission can make a refined and smooth driving experience. Rear Wheel Steering (RWS) and brake mode also contribute to a stable ride.

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The G90 adds value and meaning to everyday life,
allowing the experience of luxury to permeate our lives.
The G90 adds value and meaning to everyday life, allowing the experience of luxury to permeate our lives.