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The New Genesis G90

Arriving soon.

True luxury is about the way you feel when you encounter it. It starts with the elegantly
redesigned exterior. From the front, you will be met with the signature Crest Grille flanked
by G-Matrix Quad lamps to emphasize its refined proportions and balanced architecture – while
the rear Quad Lamps that wrap around from corner to corner and low-mounted licence plate
further accentuate its low and wide stance.
Inside, you will be fully immersed in luxury with premium leather trim, genuine Open-pore wood
and chrome switches, as well as the greatest luxury of all: silence. The G-Matrix 19-inch dish-type
wheels on the outside have sound absorption technology to noticeably reduce tire noise within,
so you only hear the subtle purr of the 420-horsepower V8 engine.

G90 hood

In this car you don’t travel, you arrive.

Is it any wonder that time flies when you’re in a G90? The 22-way power-adjustable driver’s seat was benchmarked against designer armchairs and luxury airline seating. Its spacious cabin of natural open-pore wood and Nappa leather features double soundproof glass and triple-sealed doors. Don’t worry — you may not hear the road, but you’ll still be able to respond to it. The Genesis Adaptive Control Suspension adjusts damping response in real time based on road conditions or driver input, striking the ideal balance between comfort and performance. In the end, reasons to exit your G90 may prove hard to find.