Electrified G80 Comfort and Materials

Feel good


Electronically Controlled Suspension

For a comfortable, safe ride, ECS with Road Preview uses the front camera to detect upcoming bumps or potholes in the road, then adjusts the suspension accordingly.


Active Road Noise Cancelling

On long journeys, tyre noise can be tiring. To keep the interior quiet, this technology creates sounds waves that are out-of-phase with the road noise, effectively cancelling it out.

Comfort and Convenience Packages

Comfort Seat Pack

Always travel in comfort with Ergo Motion massage function, additional seat support, heating and ventilation. Plus electric steering wheel and seat adjustment and memory functions.

Convenience Pack

Stay comfortable whatever the conditions with heated steering wheel, premium air filter and three-zone climate control.

Executive Pack

For privacy and comfort, soft close doors, heated seats, laminated rear glass, dual rear monitors, centre armrest with control box, electric rear glass curtain and manual rear side curtain.

Nappa Leather Pack

The pack includes quilted leather seats, naturally dyed leather upper console, velour headlining and sunvisor and real wood interior trim.

  • Natural tanning

    To minimise the use of chemicals, all leather trim is processed using natural materials. Our Nappa leather, for instance, is coloured using pine natural dye and linseed oil. 

  • More sustainable Fabrics

    The fabric material used in, for instance, the headlining and floor mats uses yarn made by processing recycled plastic bottles and waste fishing nets.

Frequently asked questions

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How is Genesis moving towards a more sustainable future?

As well as introducing all-electric powertrains, Genesis is committed to reaching net zero carbon by 2035. To do so, it will focus on sourcing and constructing high performance sustainable materials in its production of parts and interiors and developing leading electric technologies and systems.

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