Quad lamps

The high tech Quad Lamps relate to the wings of the emblem. Clearly visible day or night, the iconic two lines clearly signal the Genesis identity.

Evolving Crest Gille

Inspired by the Genesis emblem's crest, the signature Crest Grille has been developed with inverted version of the Genesis G-matrix pattern.

Parabolic Lines

To bring Athletic Elegance to life, distinctive Parabolic Lines define the car's coupé-inspired profile and accentuate the angled waistline.

Beauty of White Space

The horizontal layout of the interior emphasises its calm space. This is the "Beauty of White Space" approach, inspired by Korean architecture.


"When a car is beautiful, it doesn't need to say a lot."

Sang Yup Lee, Global Head of Design for Genesis.


Athletic Elegance

The stance of a Genesis defines Athletic Elegance. The athletic potential is described with elegant lines familiar from timeless design.


Framed by the iconic Genesis quad lamps, the crest grille has a unique inverted G-Matrix pattern exclusive to our electric vehicles.


The unique rear of the Electrified G80 curves in three dimensions for both aerodynamic efficiency and dynamic presence.


The characteristic parabolic lines define the side profile of a Genesis. Here they give an elegant dynamism to the classic saloon body shape.

  • Matira Blue Colour

    This unique paint contains a special pigment that changes colour from cobalt blue to emerald blue or turquoise depending on the angle of the light.

  • G-Matrix Patterned Grille

    The signature Crest Grille features a smoothed G-Matrix pattern to increase airflow over the bonnet.

  • Hidden Charging Door

    The charging door is invisible when closed. Inside, the two-line chrome accents create a sense of unity with the front lights.

  • 19" Turbine Wheel

    Aerodynamically efficient, the dark metal gray wheels can be offset with optional white brake calipers.


Beauty of White Space

The interior is inspired by the ‘beauty of white space’ concept. The cabin is refined, spacious and tranquil.

  • 12.3" Digital Instrument Cluster

    The screen gives a unique 3D depth. The information shown is tailored according to the driving mode and can be individually customised.

  • Calm Interior

    True to ‘beauty of white space’, the unique two-tone interior creates a visual calmness that fits the quiet driving experience of a luxury electric vehicle.

  • Accent Lighting

    Subtle ambient lighting around the circular shift-by-wire gear selector adds to the calm atmosphere in the cabin.

The technical features and trims of the described or depicted vehicles throughout our website are examples only. They may not be standard or available for all engines and styles, may vary in specific countries and are therefore subject to change at any time.

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