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The most innovative product and service

Genesis EQ900 evolves to make a meaningful progress for mankind.
We introduce special services for dignified EQ900 owners.

HONORS G Delivery

One of our professional chauffeurs will privately deliver your Genesis.

  • Reservation Dealers
  • Guidance
  • Car delivery With a professional chauffeur/Car Master

Offered only in the capital area and five metropolitan cities, and other limitations might be applied. Please contact our dealers for more information.

This service is operated through reservations.

HONORS G Intelligent Car Care

A smart vehicle management optimized for Genesis EQ900 / 5 YEAR TOTAL CARE

  • 5years/120K km WARRANTY

    Car body/general parts and
    engine/power transmission key parts

  • Free blueLink
    for 5 years

    Remote control, security, car management, driving service

  • Free parts for
    5 years

    Engine oil package and 4 key consumables

  • Free Home-to-Home for
    5 years

Services after the warranty period will only be provided to blueMembers (private·corporate customers and rent/lease private·corporate customers) among the first-time customers.

For Turbo GDI engines, engine oil replacement period may vary due to the high oil deterioration rate.

Times and standards of free replacement are based on the replacement standards provided by manufactures, and may vary according to vehicle models.

Cusomter Satisfaction Inspection

Within a 6 months from purchase, your Car Master and a professional engineer will visit you to inspect your car.

  • HONORS G Concierge call in advance

    Introducing Customer Satisfaction inspection

    Reservation for visit Time and Place

  • Visit you to inspect your car

    Visit to the place and time you choice to inspect car

  • guide result of inspection

    Explain of inspection result Q&A for vehicle

Provided for blueMembers HONORS G customers among private customers and lease/rent/corporate customers

HONORS G Invitation

An invitation to a special Life Care for GENESIS EQ900 owners (Select either HONORS G Space or premium golf bag package)
  • HONORS G SPACE_Haevichi Jeju

    A private lounge for GENESIS EQ900 customer inside Jeju Haevichi Hotel
    - Reservation with HONORS G Concierge(080-900-6000)
    - Accommodations on the HONORS G Floor(6F) (2 nights, breakfast included)
    - HONORS G LOUNGE(9F) service
    : Exclusive check-in/out
    : Butler service(Sightseeing guide and reservation)
    : FnB
    - 20% Discounts for Haevichi Hotel amenities and Haevichi C.C golf rounding

  • Premium Golf Bag Package

    EQ900 Premium golf bag package (choose 1 from 6 choices)

View more about HONORS G Invitation

Honors G concierge

Honors G concierge

Experience the most needed service in the mostconvenient way during the warranty period.

Honors G Concierge 080-900-6000

Mon-Fri 9:00 - 19:00 Sat/Holidays 9:00 - 17:00 Sundays 9:00 - 16:00 Emergency (24Hrs)