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Highway driving assist

As a cutting-edge driving assist system that takes a step closer towards the future of
autonomous driving, the Highway Driving Assist system brings together the functions that
maintain the distance between your car and the car ahead you and keep your car within the
lane while comprehensively analyzing GPS information. The integrated control system provides
comfort during a long highway drive or in a traffic jam.

GENESIS EQ900 Safety Features - Highway driving assist
  • GENESIS EQ900 Safety Features - Smart blind spot detection

    Smart blind spot detection

    The system detects a vehicle entering the driver’s blind spot or approaching at a high speed from behind and warns the driver to prevent a collision. If the car veers out of the lane and a collision with the approaching vehicle is expected, the Smart blind spot detection system works with the electronic stability control (ESC) system that applies breaking force to the opposite wheels to avoid a collision.

  • GENESIS EQ900 Safety Features - Lane keeping assist system

    Lane keeping assist system

    This is an upgraded version of the lane departure warning system (LDWS) that alerts the driver via the warning display and steering wheel vibration if the vehicle moves out of the lane. LKAS helps the driver stay within the lane by recognizing the lane ahead with the windshield camera and controlling the steering wheel.

    *The driver can select LDWS, LKAS, or the active steering system.

GENESIS EQ900 Safety Features - Highway driving assist

Advanced smart cruise control

The system detects traffic ahead and maintains a safe distance with a set speed. After your vehicle stops, the system accelerates to the preset speed and keeps a safe distance (within 3 seconds) when the vehicle ahead starts. (ASCC includes an automatic decelerating system for safe highway driving synced with the navigation system.)

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  • GENESIS EQ900 Safety Features - Pre-safe seatbelt

    Pre-safe seatbelt

    This seatbelt safety system swiftly and tightly fastens passengers during emergency breaking, skidding, or quick turning to minimize potential damage.

  • GENESIS EQ900 Safety Features - Automatic emergency breaking

    Automatic emergency breaking

    This system automatically alerts the driver and activates the brake, if necessary, when it detects pedestrians or sudden brake activation by a car ahead, by reading the signals from the front radar and camera.

GENESIS EQ900 Safety Features - Advanced smart cruise control

9-AIR BAG System

The 9-airbag system includes the advanced airbag mechanism that controls
airbag deployment based on the severity of a crash and passenger location.

GENESIS EQ900 Safety Features - 9-AIR BAG System
GENESIS EQ900 Safety Features - 9-AIR BAG System
Government-certified fuel economy standards & grade

Government-certified fuel efficiency and grade

Goverment-certified fuel economy standards & grade - This table is including information of Model, Displacement,Curb Weight, Transmission, Grade, CO2, Reported Fuel Efficiency, Fuel Efficiency measured with way
Model Displacement(cc) Curb Weight Transmission Grade CO2 Reported Fuel Efficiency Fuel Efficiency measured with old way
Combined F.E Highway Driving F.E Urban Driving F.E Combined F.E measured with old way Highway Driving F.Emeasured with old way Urban Driving F.Emeasured with old way
3.8 GDi 2WD 5P (18" Tire) 3,778 1.995 Auto 8s 5 198 7.4 10.8 8.7 7.9 11.2 9.1
3.8 GDi 2WD (19" Tire) 3,778 2,050 (4P) / 2,030 (5P) Auto 8s 5 203 7.3 10.6 8.5 7.6 11.0 8.8
3.8 GDi AWD 5P (18" Tire) 3,778 2,065 Auto 8s 5 211 7.0 10.3 8.2 7.3 10.7 8.5
3.8 GDi AWD (19" Tire) 3,778 2,120 (4P) / 2,100 (5P) Auto 8s 5 218 6.7 10.2 7.9 6.9 10.6 8.2
3.3T- GDi 2WD 5P (18" Tire) 3,342 2,060 Auto 8s 5 203 7.2 10.6 8.5 7.6 11.2 8.9
3.3T- GDi 2WD (19" Tire) 3,342 2,115 (4P) / 2,095 (5P) Auto 8s 5 211 7.0 10.2 8.2 7.3 10.7 8.5
3.3T- GDi AWD 5P (18" Tire) 3,342 2,130 Auto 8s 5 222 6.6 9.7 7.8 7.0 10.3 8.2
3.3T- GDi AWD (19" Tire) 3,342 2,185 (4P) / 2,165 (5P) Auto 8s 5 222 6.6 9.7 7.8 7.0 10.3 8.2
5.0 GDi AWD (19" Tire) 5,038 2,235 (4P) / 2,215 (5P) Auto 8s 5 239 6.1 9.5 7.3 6.6 10.0 7.8
5.0 GDi AWDL (19" Tire) 5,038 2,290 (4P) / 2,270 (5P) Auto 8s 5 239 6.0 9.4 7.2 6.8 9.9 7.9
Above figures may vary with actual ones.
They are based on standard modes but they are according to road status, cargo, driving style, tune-up, and outer temperatures.
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Compare Spec

Providing comparison information EQ900 with other vehicle

EQ9003.3T Premium Luxury
3.3T Premium Luxury
  • Benz S Class
    Benz S ClassS400 LONG 4MATIC V6
    S400 LONG 4MATIC V6
  • BMW 7 Series
    BMW 7 Series740Li xDrive V6 Gasoline
    740Li xDrive
    V6 Gasoline
  • AUDI A8
    AUDI A8A8L 50TFSI Quattro
    A8L 50TFSI Quattro


This table is including information of Engine, Transmissions, Max. Power, Max. Torque, Fuel, Displacement(CC), Driving System, Fuel Tank(L)
Classification EQ900 Benz S Class BMW 7 Series AUDI A8
Engine V6 Lambda 3.3T-GDi V6 I6 Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection V6 Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection
Transmissions 8 speed automatic transmission 7 speed automatic transmission 8 speed automatic transmission 8 speed automatic transmission
Max. Power 370ps / 6,000rpm 333ps / 5,250~6,000rpm 450ps / 5,500~6,500rpm 333ps / 5,500~6,500rpm
Max. Torque 52kg·m / 1,300~4,500rpm 48.9kg·m / 1,600~4,000rpm 45.9kg·m / 1,380~5,000rpm 44.9kg·m / 2,900~5,300rpm
Fuel Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline
Displacement(CC) 3,342 2,996 2,998 2,995
Driving System AWD / Electronic AWD AWD / AWD AWD AWD
Fuel Tank(L) 77 80 78 82

Dimensions / Weight

This table is including information of Overall Length (mm), Overall Width (mm), Overall Height (mm), Wheelbase (mm), Front Wheeltread (mm), Rear Wheeltread (mm), Tire, Unladen weight(Kg)
Classification EQ900 Benz S Class BMW 7 Series AUDI A8
Overall Length (mm) 5,205 5,250 5,238 5,265
Overall Width (mm) 1,915 1,900 1,902 1,949
Overall Height (mm) 1,495 1,500 1,479 1,471
Wheelbase (mm) 3,160 3,165 3,210 3,122
Front Wheeltread (mm) 1,630 1,640 - 1,644
Rear Wheeltread (mm) 1,659 1,640 - 1,635
Tire 245/50R18 245/50R18 245/45R19(Front) / 40R19(Rear) 255/45R19
Unladen weight(Kg) 2,130 2,190 - 2,050

Economics / Environment

This table is including information of Fuel Efficiency(km/L), Grade of Fuel Efficiency, Comprehensive car insurance grade, Co2 emission, Fuel costs(20,000 per 1year), Tax(1year), Car insurance price(1year), Car maintenance cost (Tax+Fuel+insurance
Classification EQ900 Benz S Class BMW 7 Series AUDI A8
Fuel Efficiency(km/L) Combined 7.8km/l (8.2km/l) 9km/l - 9.7km/l
City 6.6km/l (7km/l) 7.6km/l - 8.3km/l
highway 9.7km/l (10.3km/l) 11.3km/l - 12.2km/l
Grade of Fuel Efficiency 5 5 - 4
Comprehensive car insurance grade 21 14 - -
Co2 emission 222g/km 199g/km - 183g/km
Fuel costs(20,000 per 1year) 3,689,743KRW 3,197,777KRW - -
Tax(1year) 868,920KRW 778,960KRW - -
Car insurance price(1year) 1,342,187KRW 4,178,879KRW - -
Car maintenance cost (Tax+Fuel+insurance) 17,051,959KRW 22,887,008KRW - -
  • Due to strengthened measurements, both general and specified fuel efficiencies are indicated.
  • Above information is to help making a purchase decision and is not legally binding. Prices at actual purchase may be different depending on situation.
  • Vehicle comparison and details are organized based on each car maker's catalogs and websites.
  • We are frequently updating the latest information, but may be delayed at some times.