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A drive that embodies safety and stability

Steady, Sturdy and Secure


A smart mix of preventative technology and
diligent engineering shapes one of the safest SUVs
on the road. The goal is to make you feel safe and
secure wherever you drive.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist
  • Junction Turning and Crossing

    Turning and crossing* at junctions is a safer maneuver with the GV80’s helpful warnings and automatic brake controls, preventing collisions with oncoming vehicles.

    * Applied when Driving Assistance Ⅱ package is selected.

  • Evasive Steering Assist

    The GV80 assists the driver’s steering in the event of a potential collision by detecting obstacles such as pedestrians, cycles and vehicles — even steering the driver back to their lane after avoiding the obstacle.

Rear Safety Assist
  • Parking Collision Avoidance Assist

    If the rear camera and sensor detect pedestrians and objects during driving in reverse at a low speed, it warns the driver of the collision and control brakes to minimize the risk of collision.

  • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist

    Detecting vehicles approaching from the rear left and right while driving in reverse, it warns the driver and assists the vehicle by controlling brakes to prevent collisions.

Safety Features

Driver Attention Warning

Long journeys and overnight drives are an inevitable part of life. Forward Attention Warning helps limit the dangers of driver fatigue and tiredness by reading the face of the driver with a camera built into the dashboard. When the system detects closed eyes or lack of attention, it warns the driver with pop-up notifications and an acoustic warning designed to effectively secure the attention.

Safety Features

Intelligent Front Lighting System

Illuminate your surroundings for safe passage wherever the road takes you. Brilliantly bright, the GV80’s Intelligent Front-Lighting System are engineered to detect oncoming vehicles, dimming to avoid glare for the safety of you and the drivers around you.

Driver control

Highway Driving Assist Ⅱ

An automated system that controls your speed and keeps you in lane when driving on the highway. Harmonizing with the surrounding traffic, Highway Driving Assist monitors the distance between you and the car in front, automatically maintaining a safe speed and distance. At full stops, the GV80 stops and restarts after the departure of the car in front. Experience less fatigue and a smoother drive without disruptive deceleration.

Reliable Protection

10-Airbag System

Protection from every angle. Whether you’re a driver or passenger, ride securely with the Genesis 10-Airbag System. Features an innovative airbag at the front-seat center, preventing collisions between passengers and the subsequent injuries. Engineered for optimum impact reduction.