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Smart Cruise Control (SCC)

A radar in the front of the car monitors distance from vehicles in front and automatically maintains a selected speed and relative distance without the driver’s manipulation of the accelerator and brakes.

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  • GENESIS G90 Safety Features - Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

    Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

    A built-in sensor in the rear bumper alerts the driver with a signal and alarm when a vehicle approaches the back of the car within a certain distance. It is effective to avoid vehicles that approach the car from the back or from blind spots at high speeds.

  • GENESIS G90 Safety Features -Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

    Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

    Lane departure warning system (LDWS) is a convenient function that uses a camera mounted on the top part of the front windshield to discern traffic lanes and alert the driver in real time when a lane change is made without using turn signals.

GENESIS G90 Safety Features - Smart Cruise Control (SCC)

Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS)
with LED Headlamps

Adaptive front lighting system (AFLS) with LED headlamps greatly improve lateral visibility by automatically
adjusting the illumination angle of low beams according to travel speed. General mode is active while
traveling at speeds under 115 km/h on urban or local roads, and high speed mode is activated when
traveling on highways at speeds greater than 115 km/h. In addition, Dynamic bending light (DBL)
automatically swivels low beams left or right following the turning of the steering wheel for safer driving
at night.

GENESIS G90 Safety Features - Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS) with LED Headlamps
  • GENESIS G90 Safety Features - Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

    Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

    Radar and camera sensors detect vehicles in front of the car, sounding an alarm to alert the driver and engaging emergency brakes automatically to avoid collisions and minimize damage to the driver and vehicle.

  • GENESIS G90 Safety Features - Around View Monitoring (AVM) System

    Around View Monitoring (AVM) System

    Around view monitoring (AVM) system uses 4 HD-quality cameras mounted on the exterior of the vehicle to display a 360 degree view of the surroundings, including blind spots in the front, back, and side, as if overlooking the vehicle. Image quality is significantly improved with smooth composite images that have no dividing lines around the boundaries. It promotes safe driving by displaying lines that guide steering and revealing information that otherwise may not have been seen by the driver.

GENESIS G90 Safety Features - Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS) with LED Headlamps

9 Airbag System

9 airbags (driver airbag, driver knee airbag, passenger airbag, and front-side,
rear-side, and curtain airbags on each side) protect passengers against collisions
from all directions.

GENESIS G90 Safety Features - 9 Airbag System
GENESIS G90Safety Features - 9 Airbag System
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경쟁차 비교

GENESIS g90와 특정 차량의 비교를 제공합니다.

3.3T 프리미엄 럭셔리
  • 벤츠 S클래스
    S400 LONG 4MATIC V6
  • BMW 7시리즈
    740Li xDrive
    직렬 8기통 가솔린
  • 아우디 A8
    A8L 50TFSI 콰트로


엔진, 변속기, 최고출력 (ps/rpm), 최대토크(kg·m/rpm), 연료, 배기량(cc), 구동방식, 연료탱크(ℓ) 사항을 나타낸 표입니다.
엔진 V6 람다 3.3T-GDi V6 I6 가솔린 직분사 터보차저 V6 가솔린 직분사 수퍼차저
변속기 8단 자동변속기 7단 자동변속기 8단 자동변속기 8단 자동변속기
최고출력(ps/rpm) 370ps / 6,000rpm 333ps / 5,250~6,000rpm 450ps / 5,500~6,500rpm 333hp / 5,500~6,500rpm
최대토크(kg·m/rpm) 52kg·m / 1,300~4,500rpm 48.9kg·m / 1,600~4,000rpm 45.9kg·m / 1,380~5,000rpm 44.9kg·m / 2,900~5,300rpm
연료 가솔린 가솔린 가솔린 가솔린
배기량(cc) 3,342 2,996 2,998 2,995
구동방식 AWD / 전자식 AWD AWD / AWD AWD AWD
연료탱크(ℓ) 77 80 78 82


전장(mm), 전폭(mm), 전고(mm), 축간거리(mm), 윤거전(mm), 윤거후(mm), 타이어, 공차중량(kg) 사항을 나타낸 표입니다.
전장(mm) 5,205 5,250 5,238 5,265
전폭(mm) 1,915 1,900 1,902 1,949
전고(mm) 1,495 1,500 1,479 1,471
축간거리(mm) 3,160 3,165 3,210 3,122
윤거전(mm) 1,630 1,640 - 1,644
윤거후(mm) 1,659 1,640 - 1,635
타이어 245/50R18 245/50R18 245/45R19(앞),275/40R19(뒤) 255/45R19
공차중량(kg) 2,130 2,190 - 2,050


연비(km/ℓ), 복합연비, 시내연비, 고속연비, 연비등급, 자차보험등급, 이산화탄소배출량, 유류비(1년 2만Km), 자동차세(1년), 보험료(1년), 3년유지비용(세금+유류비+보험료) 사항을 나타낸 표입니다.
연비(km/ℓ) 복합연비 7.8km/l (8.2km/l) 9km/l - 9.7km/l
시내연비 6.6km/l (7km/l) 7.6km/l - 8.3km/l
고속연비 9.7km/l (10.3km/l) 11.3km/l - 12.2km/l
연비등급 5 등급 5 등급 - 4 등급
자차보험등급 21 등급 14 등급 - -
이산화탄소배출량 222g/km 199g/km - 183g/km
유류비(1년 2만Km) 3,689,743원 3,197,777원 - -
자동차세(1년) 868,920원 778,960원 - -
보험료(1년) 1,342,187원 4,178,879원 - -
3년유지비용 (세금+유류비+보험료) 17,051,959원 22,887,008원 - -
  • 일부 차량의 경우 강화된 측정 방법에 따른 연비와 기존 연비가 모두 표기됩니다.
  • 상기 내용은 고객님의 차량 구입 의사 결정에 도움을 드리고자 제공하는 서비스로 법적인 효력이 없으며, 실제 구입 시 가격 및 조건에 따라 차이가 있을 수 있습니다.
  • 상기 차종별 비교 정보는 각 제조업체의 카탈로그 및 홈페이지에 공개된 자료를 바탕으로 작성 되었습니다.
  • 수시로 최신정보를 갱신하고 있으나 간혹 업데이트가 늦어지는 경우가 발생할 수 있습니다.