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Privacy Policy

Hyundai Motor Company, owner of Genesis brand (“Genesis”, “we”, “us”) respects your privacy and will strive to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. This Privacy Policy explains our policies and practices including why we collect your personal information, how we use it and how we safeguard it. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to protect your rights.

Why does Genesis Collect Personal Information?

We collect and process your personal information for the following purposes and will not use the information other than those purposes. When we wish to change or add the purposes, we will take necessary measures to comply with relevant regulations.

  • (a) Provision of test-drive service
  • (b) Provision of car quotation service
  • (c) Advertisement, promotions, special offers, news etc.
  • If you want to use collected customer information for other advertisement/marketing use, please define the detail.

What Personal Information Does Genesis Collect

We collect personal information about you that is reasonably necessary for the purposes described above.

  • (a) To provide you with test-drive and related services, we process your name, address, email address and mobile phone number.
  • (b) To provide you with car quotation and related services, we process your name address, email address and mobile phone number.
  • (c) To provide you with advertisement materials, promotions, special offers and related news, we may process A. Name, B. Title(Gender) C. Phone Number, D. Email Address.

How does Genesis collect your Personal Information?

  • - We may collect your personal information when you directly provide us with your information to schedule test-drive or request a quote, online, offline, or through call center. In this case, we may obtain separate consent from you to process your information.

  • - We may collect your personal information when you directly provide us with your information to get promotions, special offers, event news etc., online, offline, or through call center. In this case, we obtain separate consent from you to process your information.

  • - We may collect your personal information when you indirectly provide us with your information through our service providers and dealers.

  • - The following information may be automatically generated and collected in the process of using our website: standard details of your browser and operating system, the website from which you visit our website, the pages that you visit on our website, the date of your visit, and, for security reasons, e.g. to identify attacks on our website, the Internet protocol (IP) address assigned to you by your internet service. We collect some of this information using cookies – please see Cookies Section for further information.

Who may receive your Personal Information from Genesis?

We may share your personal information with authorized Hyundai distributors, dealers, or service providers (e.g. personal information processor). In particular, we share your personal information with the following recipients for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

Recipients Roles (Purpose of access)
Hyundai AutoEver Corporation Personal Information Processor - Operating, managing, and maintaining the website and its server on behalf of Genesis
Shuwaikh Showroom
Al Ahmadi Showroom
Provision of test-drive, car quotation services and related services on behalf of Genesis.

When we share your information with the recipients, we do the utmost best to make sure that the recipients keep the information confidential. Also, we make sure that they are not permitted to use or disclose your information for any other purposes than to carry out the services they are providing to us.

Besides, we may disclose your information when duly required by law, to third parties like government authorities, courts, or external advisors.

Is your Personal Information transferred outside your country of residence?

Your personal information may be transferred to other countries which may have different data protection standards than your country of residence.

More specifically, Genesis, which decides the purpose and means of processing your personal information, is located in South Korea.

Hyundai AutoEver Corporation (“HAE”), which operates and maintains this website and its server on behalf of us, is located in South Korea. We have proper guarantees with HAE to ensure an adequate level of protection for personal information.

Please note that information processed in a foreign country may be subject to foreign laws and accessible to foreign governments, courts, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies. However, we will try to take reasonable measures to keep up an adequate level of data protection also when sharing your personal data with such countries.

How long does Genesis keep your Personal Information?

  • - We store and process your personal information for the period obligated by relevant laws or for the period you have provided us with your consent.

  • - Your personal information collected with respect to test-drive service is kept up to 1 years after your test-driving date, and will be erased without undue delay when this period expires.

  • - Your personal information collected with respect to car quote service is kept up to 1 year after you request for quote, and will be erased without undue delay when this period is expired.

  • - If this Privacy Policy does not set out specific retention periods, your personal information will be kept only for as long as we need it to achieve the collection purpose and, if applicable, as long as required by relevant laws or regulations.

  • - Please note that we have the right to store your personal information within the extent needed for defending against legal claims.

Genesis Safeguards Your Personal Information

We take measures to safeguard personal information as follows.

  • ① Technical measures

    • (a) Encryption of user information
      Personal information of users is stored in the database in encrypted from, so that personal information cannot be used in case of accidental leakage.

    • (b) Encryption of communications section
      For the section where the users’ personal information is entered and delivered in the process of signing up for membership and log-in, personal information is securely delivered through SSL.

    • (c) Installation of security solution
      For providing the service and safeguarding personal information, Genesis has the following security measures in personal information processing system: vaccine program, periodical updates and program checks. For fighting intrusions such as hacking, continuous monitoring is performed by installing the intrusion prevention and detection system.

  • ② Organizational measures

    • (a) Establishment of personal information management system
      For safeguarding personal information, an internal management system for personal information is established.

    • (b) Operation of personal information protection committee
      Genesis organizes a committee for personal information protection and holds one or more meetings a year to improve and correct issues relating to the operation of the personal information management system and the protection of personal information.

    • (c) Management of personal information processors
      For personal information processors who handle user information, Genesis conducts personal information protection training session, to emphasize the importance of information processing and to ensure that personal information is handled securely. Further, Genesis controls access rights of personal information processors to minimize unnecessary access to and disclosure of personal information.

Your rights

You may exercise the following rights to us with regards to your personal data processing.

  • (a) Right of access
  • (b) Right to rectification
  • (c) Right to erasure
  • (d) Right to restriction of processing

You may contact our Personal Information Manager at any time to exercise your rights, in paper or electronic format such as email, fax, call center etc. In this case, we will take necessary measures without undue delay.

When you request the rectification or erasure of their personal information, such information will not be used or provided to third parties until the necessary measure is taken.

When we collect and process your information based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Even if you withdraw your consent, it will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before your withdrawal.

About Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information sent to your device and stored on its hard drive to allow the websites to recognize you when you visit.

(a) Purpose of using cookies

The Company uses cookies to analyze the customer's website access frequency and the visit time slot as well as the customer's interests and frequency of event participation and visit for target marketing and customized services. The customer may accept or opt out of the storage of cookies. Therefore, the customer may use the web browser options to accept all cookies or be asked about acceptance each time a cookie is stored, or opt out of all cookies.

(b) How to prevent cookies from being collected

You can prevent cookies from being saved on your end device by setting your browser to reject cookies. You can delete cookies stored on your end device at any time.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can disable cookies in the following method:

Tools > Internet options > Personal information > Advanced > make seetings

Please note that if you choose not to accept cookies you may have limited availability of the services provided on this website.

Contacting us or our Personal Information Manager

If you have any question, complaint, or request to us with regards to processing of your personal data, please contact us at Genesis Middle East and Africa HQ or our Personal Information Manager. We will answer to your voice without undue delay.

Personal Information Manager

  • - Name: Rami Al-Salih
  • - Position: Marketing & PR Manager
  • - E-Mail:

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will take effect from January 1st, 2019 .

If there is any change in this Privacy Policy, we will introduce the change by posting the new Privacy Policy on this website.

In general, such change will be effective 3 days after the posting date.

However, in case of important changes which might affect your rights, including changes to the personal information that is collected or to the purpose of collection, such change will be effective 7 days after the posting date. Your consent will be obtained again, if needed.