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Electrified G80 CHARGING Electrified G80 CHARGING

convenient charging experienceconvenient charging experience


* All design, color, feature, and specifications in this content are presented for general customer understanding only and may differ from the actual product.

Introducing The Genesis Electrified G80 Charging

The Electrified G80 provides a convenient and easy experience throughout the charging process.The Electrified G80 provides a convenient and easy experience throughout the charging process.


The ever-expanding charging infrastructure will add to the joy and convenience of being with the Electrified G80.



Rapid charging & Standard chargingRapid charging & Standard charging

Maximum 800V rapid charging enables the battery to charge from 10% to 80% in just 22 minutes (with battery temperature of 25℃).
Also with the 11kW standard charger, you can enjoy stable and comfortable driving up to 427km by charging from 10% to 100% for 9 hours.

All Electric Range (AER)

The estimated maximum range per charge is 427kmThe estimated maximum range per charge is 427km

The Electrified G80 has an authorized one-time charging mileage of 427 kilometers. It is possible to drive efficiently through a single charge even for long distances.

※ External temperature drops caused by factors such as cold weather may reduce the actual driving range due to decreased battery performance.

Charging System

Standard & multi charging systemStandard & multi charging system

Compatible with a standard charger, rapid charger, and super rapid charger, the charging system provides multiple inputs of 400V/800V.

Vehicle to Load

V2L exclusive connectorV2L exclusive connector

The Electrified G80 also makes it possible to use 220V electric appliances outside the vehicle conveniently with the V2L (Vehicle-to-Load) feature.

Charging stationCharging station

Public charging stationPublic charging station

The Electrified G80 simplifies life. Easily top up your battery at a public charging station with free charging credits while taking a break from a long, well-deserved journey.

Home charging Home charging

Home charging systems installed at your home or workplace ensure convenient charging at regular speed.

genesis-kr-charging-electrified-g80-public-charging-desktop-1220x600-en.jpg genesis-kr-charging-electrified-g80-public-charging-desktop-1220x600-en.jpg
genesis-kr-charging-electrified-g80-home-charging-desktop-1220x600.jpg genesis-kr-charging-electrified-g80-home-charging-desktop-1220x600.jpg

Exclusive Membership ServiceExclusive Membership Service

EV exclusive servicesEV exclusive services

It provides all necessary information for electric vehicle users. Through Genesis App, you can search and book a charging station, and also check charging credit. You can also pay for the charging, and get the notification when charging is done.

Pick-up and delivery servicePick-up and delivery service

A non-contact pickup and delivery charging service based on digital key technology allows customers to designate a location for the vehicle to be picked up, fully charged, and delivered back to the same location.

EV Consultation channelEV Consultation channel

We operate a 24-hour consultation channel to promptly respond to various inquiries that can occur while using electric vehicles, such as asking for charging station locations and billing guidance.

genesis-kr-charging-electrified-g80-vehicle-application-desktop-1220x600-en.jpg genesis-kr-charging-electrified-g80-vehicle-application-desktop-1220x600-en.jpg
genesis-kr-charging-electrified-g80-butler-service-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg genesis-kr-charging-electrified-g80-butler-service-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg
genesis-kr-charging-electrified-g80-cs-service-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg genesis-kr-charging-electrified-g80-cs-service-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg