Easy to live with

Electrified G80 Innovation

Solar Roof

Make full use of available sunlight with solar panels in the roof. They help to extend the car's range, in bright conditions. They also help to keep the battery from running down if parked for extended periods. Available in solar roof pack.

Disconnector Actuator System

To improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary power loss, DAS automatically connects or disconnects the front motor and drive shaft based on driving conditions.

Heat Pump System

To extend winter range, this efficient waste heat recovery system uses saved energy to preconditioning the battery when cold.

For all the senses

    The touch-controlled air conditioning system with premium interior air filter means all passengers can enjoy clean air.

Technology for drivers
  • Augmented Reality Navigation

    Augmented Reality Navigation displays navigation information, such as direction arrows and street names, over a live video feed of the road you are on.

  • Head-Up Display

    Keep your eyes on the road with a high-definition widescreen display projected on your windscreen. Day or night, the essential information you need is right in front of you.

Enjoy the journey
  • Front Ergo-Motion Seats

    Now both the driver and the front passenger can enjoy ergo-motion seats to keep comfortable. Seven adjustable air cells increase side support according to driving mode or vehicle speed. The massage function makes long journeys even more comfortable.

  • Lexicon Sound System

    Enjoy clear, dynamic and powerful multi-dimensional surround sound. Powered by the QuantumLogic Surround system, 17 speakers are optimally positioned for immersive listening.

  • Rear Seat Entertainment

    Dual 9.2” screens and multiple charging points make journeys fly by. Each monitor is independent, can be angled for a clear view and has touch panels for easy operation.

Optional equipment

Innovation Pack

Features eight additional safety assistance features. These include collision avoidance assist with junction turning and crossing, remote smart parking assist, surround view monitor cameras, blind-spot view monitoring, highway driving assist, head-up display and 12.3 inch instrument cluster.

Solar Roof Pack

With a solar panel on the roof you can draw energy from the sun to top your battery up when parked and gain even more range. The pack includes roof solar panels with dual side contact cells, it also includes personal reading lamps and rear illuminated vanity mirrors.

V2L Pack

Make the most of your battery's power to charge electrical appliances and even other electric vehicles. This pack includes the external vehicle-to-load connector that makes it easy to use a household plug from the exterior power port.

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