Man next to a white Genesis G80 from the front

Athletic Elegance

Our Design Philosophy

Audacious, progressive, distincly Korean

The perfect balance between Athletic and Elegance defines Genesis' design experience, just like the preparation of a memorable dish.

Genesis G80 from the front, focus on the quadruple headlights
Blue Genesis eG80 stands in front of a wall - back side view

Two lines

Genesis Defined

By morphing the Genesis emblem, the crest becomes the grille while the wings morph into two lines. The distinctive Two Lines serve as the signature marking of the Genesis design.

Signature design elements

Crest grille

The shape of the signature Crest Grille is the heart of the Genesis emblem.

Side front view of the Genesis GV70 in grey colour

Quad lamps

The distinctive quad lights combine with the Crest Grille to echo the logo. They lead into the iconic two lines of light that identify a Genesis, day or night.

Side view of the front of the Genesis GV70

Parabolic lines

The contours of Genesis bodywork are described by arcing Parabolic Lines. These create a dynamic tension that embodies Athletic Elegance.

Genesis GV70 in grey from diagonal-front

Beauty of white space

Inspired by a hallmark of Korean design, “Beauty of White Space” defines interior design: Perfectly balancing personal space and state-of-the-art technology.

Front interior of the Genesis GV70 with white interior

Elevating Automotive Design

With Luc Dockerwolke

Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke explains how he draws on his wealth of experiences for inspiration to bring Athletic Elegance to life.

Consistent design

"Our approach was defined by ‘the design is the brand, and the brand is the design’ ... we wanted to have a consistent approach all the way through from the first sketch to the product on the road."

Luc Donckerwolke

Chief Creative Officer

A human arm above the centre console in a car
Genesis X Convertible in white from the front

Visionary design

Concept cars

A visual representation of innovation. Our Concept cars are defined by this statement of intent, which provides a preview of Genesis' future programs.