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Arrive with PurposeArrive with Purpose


With its striking appearance and unparalleled performance, the G90 makes every moment on the road a meaningful one.With its striking appearance and unparalleled performance, the G90 makes every moment on the road a meaningful one.


The G90 is inspired by the world around it and crafted to your every desire. It’s a vehicle of focus and adaptation right to its core. Graceful yet powerful, subtle yet iconic. Built to suit you.


Exterior Details


Effortlessly impressive, the G90 encompasses comfort and utility in a beautiful body. Its elegant silhouette sparks curiosity for the commanding engine within.

genesis-g90-gallery-g-matrix-crest-grille-large.jpg genesis-g90-gallery-g-matrix-crest-grille-large.jpg
genesis-g90-gallery-full-led-rear-combination-lamp-large.jpg genesis-g90-gallery-full-led-rear-combination-lamp-large.jpg
genesis-g90-gallery-dish-type-wheel-large.jpg genesis-g90-gallery-dish-type-wheel-large.jpg
Exterior Details
G-Matrix Crest GrilleG-Matrix Crest Grille

The signature G-Matrix crest grille is the centerpiece of the G90’s silhouette. Geometric lines combine with gliding body in a design that is seamless, intentional and artfully balanced.

Full Led Rear Combination LampFull Led Rear Combination Lamp

Reverse with extra illumination and assurance. The Rear Guide Lamp is triggered when the vehicle is backing up for sharper signaling and fewer accidents.

Dish Type WheelDish Type Wheel

Inspired by light reflecting from an illuminating diamond, the 19-inch wheels carry the matching flair of the grille. They’re substantial yet undeniably elegant, featuring all the impact of the classic G-Matrix pattern.

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Interior Detail


Drive with the comfort of the materials around you, and with the assurance that you are protected from every angle.

genesis-g90-gallery-two-tone-interior-large.jpg genesis-g90-gallery-two-tone-interior-large.jpg
genesis-g90-gallery-metallic-pore-realwood-garnish-large.jpg genesis-g90-gallery-metallic-pore-realwood-garnish-large.jpg
genesis-g90-gallery-special-lettering-engraving-large.jpg genesis-g90-gallery-special-lettering-engraving-large.jpg
Interior Details
Two-tone interiorTwo-tone interior

The subtle blend of an embroidery pattern, reminiscent of stars in the night sky, and pearl grey and black two-tone color creates an elegant atmosphere of G90 STARDUST.

Metallic Pore Realwood GarnishMetallic Pore Realwood Garnish

Real wood finish fills the interior with the sense of quality.

Special lettering engravingSpecial lettering engraving

Special lettering engraved on the door trims and rear arm rests highlights the uniqueness of G90 STARDUST.