Genesis Track Taxi Nordschleife

The next level

Creating an extraordinary experience requires an extraordinary approach: A further step in our evolution of unexpected power and unparalleled sophistication. Luxury and performance that make a difference. Emotion meets capability – at the apex of the curve.

Feel the thrill!

The Nordschleife at the Nürburgring, dubbed "The Green Hell" is unlike any other racetrack. Presenting a formidable challenge to drivers and their vehicles, it's the perfect playground for the Genesis Track Taxi – proving our commitment to pushing the limits of high-performance driving on this iconic 20.832 kilometer racetrack.

Genesis G70 Magma Track Taxi front view
Genesis G70 Magma Track Taxi side view

The racetrack

Even legends need a new chapter

We invite you to experience the thrill of driving as co-pilot in a sedan like no other, on a racetrack that has made a significant impact on the history of motorsports. Get ready for the Genesis Track Taxi experience.

Genesis G70 Magma Track Taxi - back side view
Genesis G70 Magma Track Taxi - front side view

Michelin X Genesis

Partners in performance

As a sponsor and official partner, Genesis Track Taxi is fitted with the best of MICHELIN tires: The MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 S delivers impressive reactivity and steering precision - even at high speeds. Its superior grip helps the Genesis Track Taxi to unleash its full potential on the iconic Nordschleife.

Genesis G70 Magma Track Taxi - front side view

Adrenaline in its most elegant form

The limits of what's possible

Exhilaration in no time

On the Nordschleife it's good to have extensive experience by your side. To capture the unexpected power of the Genesis Track Taxi put yourself in the capable hands of our racing drivers who know the Nordschleife like the back of their hands. Get ready for the greatest possible thrill of a lap at racing speed.

Genesis G70 Magma Track Taxi side view
Genesis G70 Magma Track Taxi detail headlight - top side view

Enjoy an unforgettable ride

Unexpected power

G70 beyond speed

Built to conquer even the most challenging racetracks, the Genesis Track Taxi awaits. Get ready for G70, a powerful sedan that convinces with sporty ergonomics and an athletic body, characterized by unparalleled driving stability, precision handling, and dynamic power delivery.

Genesis G70 Magma Track Taxi - front side view

Many push their limits, but only a few go beyond.


Of pure excitement.

73 bends

To make your heart race.

300 m

Altitude for your exhilaration.

1 Lap: 8-10 Mins

Of an unforgettable experience.

Genesis G70 Magma Track Taxi drives out of the garage in the dark

Genesis Track Taxi vouchers

Gifts to impress at top speed

Surprise your partner, friends, family, or business associates with a race lap inside the Genesis Track Taxi at the Nordschleife of Nürburgring. Whether for a special occasion or as a token of appreciation, join the ride with up to three passengers in total per car.