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All New Innovative ExperienceAll New Innovative Experience


* All design, color, feature, and specifications in this content are presented for general customer understanding only and may differ from the actual product.

Introducing Genesis G80 Technology

Enjoy a fresh, yet relaxing experience with G80.Enjoy a fresh, yet relaxing experience with G80.


Various convenience features of G80 present a new and amazing in-car experience.

G80 interior
Genesis G80 Front Ergo Motion Seat image Genesis G80 Front Ergo Motion Seat image


This is an ergonomic seat system that utilizes air-cells inside the seat for a comfortable ride. It provides enhanced side support in connection with driving mode or vehicle speed. Also, a stretch mode is provided through individual control of air-cells in the seat cushion. In addition, the driver's seat has been certified by the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rucken e.V) for its high level of comfort.

AGR logo

AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rucken e.V) CertificationAGR (Aktion Gesunder Rucken e.V) Certification

Campaign for Healthier Backs bestows its international seal of approval to outstanding back-friendly products after rigorous evaluation by experts from various medical disciplines on how the seats can be adjusted to prevent discomfort and provide relief.

Genesis G80 12.3" 3D Cluster image

For Driver’s Convenience

12.3-inch 3D Cluster12.3-inch 3D Cluster

This cutting-edge stereoscopic cluster displays driving information in three dimensions with unique views according to the driving mode. It tracks the driver's eyes to provide accurate information at any angle.

For Driver's Convenience

Remote Parking AssistRemote Parking Assist

When pulling into or out of a parking space, the system allows the driver to relax by enabling assisted steering and automated vehicle speed. In addition, even after the driver disembarks, the smart key can be used to control the vehicle remotely.

Digital ServicesDigital Services

Genesis Digital KeyGenesis Digital Key

The Genesis Digital Key app can be used to remotely control the vehicle and provide key sharing with family and friends.** The GENESIS digital key app is compatible with Android smartphones equipped with the following - Android operating system version 7.0 (Nougat, released Aug. 22, 2016) or newer, and Bluetooth (BLE) 4.2 or newer.

* The app’s services are limited on iPhones as Apple Inc.’s policy does not support NFC. The app is anticipated to be available via iPhones when Apple changes its corporate policy (the NFC card key feature is currently accessible).${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}

Built-in CamBuilt-in Cam

Built-in high-definition cameras in the front and rear of the vehicle provide you to conveniently review high-quality video through navigation screen and smartphone.

Genesis Digital Key Genesis Digital Key
G80 built-in cam G80 built-in cam

Easy Control

G80 Touch-Type A/C control panel G80 Touch-Type A/C control panel
Genesis Touch Controller Genesis Touch Controller

A touch screen temperature control offers high-tech operability and maximizes convenience when adjusting the air conditioner, heater, and fan speed.

The concaved center of the Genesis controller functions as a handwriting recognition touchpad. The system provides the driver improved usability that allows for handwriting recognition without the need of complicated keyboard input.

14.5-inch Genesis Infotainment14.5-inch Genesis Infotainment

Voice Recognizable Vehicle ControlVoice Recognizable Vehicle Control

Convenience is doubled by allowing the driver to control the air conditioner, window and trunk lid using voice commands.

AR NavigationAR Navigation

Augmented reality technology maximizes safety and convenience by displaying three-dimensional road guidance information on the vehicle direction and warnings associated with the navigation and driving assistance.

Genesis CarpayGenesis Carpay

For your convenience, G80 allows you to make a payment in the vehicle without actual card and register your card and membership through the Carpay application.

Valet ModeValet Mode

This is a security feature that protects the user’s personal information by limiting the use and restriction of the customer’s personal information.** With Genesis Connected Services.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}

G80 Voice Recognizable Vehicle Control G80 Voice Recognizable Vehicle Control
G80 AR Navigation G80 AR Navigation
Genesis Carpay Genesis Carpay
G80 Valet Mode G80 Valet Mode

Sound System


18 Lexicon speakers powered by Quantum Logic surround technology renders exceptional sound quality in the Genesis G80 that must be heard to be believed.

For Rear Passengers

Enter a space designed to enhance the journey for the driver and passengers.Enter a space designed to enhance the journey for the driver and passengers.

Rear Seat Convenience

G80 Wireless charging for rear seats & Multi-functional armrest G80 Wireless charging for rear seats & Multi-functional armrest
G80 Rear electronic ventilated & heated seat G80 Rear electronic ventilated & heated seat
G80 Powered Rear Curtain G80 Powered Rear Curtain
G80 Rear Seat Entertainment System G80 Rear Seat Entertainment System

You can easily charge your smartphone with wireless charging pads in the rear seats. In addition to rear ventilation and heated seats, the position and angle of the seats can also be adjusted, and the infotainment system can be operated through an integrated controller.

The rear electronic seat, which allows you to set the desired seat angle, provides a comfortable ride all-year-round through ventilation and heating functions, and automatically adjusts the speed of the blowers in conjunction with the vehicle speed. Rear ventilation & heating functions can be easily controlled from the driver's seat using the touch-type air conditioning control panel.

The electrically powered curtain improves the surroundings for rear seat passengers.

Multimedia including movie and TV services are conveniently provided for rear passengers. The two monitor screens on the left and right of the front seatback can play different multimedia independently and can be used intuitively through the touch screen function.