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The GV60 is the first dedicated EV model with the most dynamic design, representing Genesis’ electrification.

제네시스 GV60 주행 이미지
제네시스 앱을 확인하는 운전자 이미지

“GV60 will set a new standard for luxury electric vehicles with a powerful driving performance and various key features based on interactions with customers.”

Jay Chang, Global Head of Genesis brand



The GV60 is a high-performance electric vehicle with a sleek and athletic coupé crossover utility vehicle (CUV) design that expands Genesis’ ‘Athletic Elegance’ design identity into the sustainable luxury space.



The interior design of the GV60 takes on Genesis’ design ethos of the ‘Beauty of White Space’, while seeking to create a spacious and comfortable interior. At the same time, its floating architecture and unique details combine to create a unique look.

제네시스 GV60 크리스탈 스피어 이미지 제네시스 GV60 크리스탈 스피어 이미지

Interior Design

Crystal Sphere

The Crystal Sphere is one of the most compelling design elements of the GV60. It is not only an aesthetic element of the interior design, but it is also built to create an emotional connection between the driver and the vehicle.

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New battery charging technology

Based on advanced electrification technology, battery conditioning, multi-input charging system, V2L, and plug-and-charge (PnC) simple payment technology are applied for convenient and stress-free charging.


cutting-edge driver assistance systems

The GV60 offers a safe and convenient driving experience with advanced autonomous driving technology that is based on active safety approach, as well as various driver assistance systems, protecting passengers from possible dangers both inside and outside of the vehicle.


Innovative technologies that enable interactive experiences

The GV60 is equipped with innovative technologies to provide a unique electric vehicle experience. Innovations such as Face Connect, Fingerprint Authentication System, Genesis Digital Key 2, Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Update and enable drivers to interact with their vehicle.


A luxurious driving performance

The GV60 is Genesis’ first vehicle to be built on the dedicated EV platform known as Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), marking the brand’s move towards electrification.

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The beginning of a new era for interactive mobility. The GV60 communicates directly with the driver, presenting a whole new dimension to the EV experience.

Fuel Efficiency & Tire Grade (Korean Standard)