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GV70's CAMOUFLAGE with a design inspired by G-MATRIX expresses the unique beauty of Genesis, which is differentiated from the general CAMOUFLAGE that induces optical illusions by using similarity with the background or making shadows invisible.



G-MATRIX pattern

G-MATRIX is Genesis' signature pattern inspired by the diffuse reflection of the diamonds.

The G-MATRIX pattern has been applied in various shapes to the exterior and interior of the vehicle to highlight the luxurious details of the GV70, and diamond patterns can be found in a variety of areas, such as the radiator grille, the quilting patterns on the wheels and seats.



Designed under the influence of CUBISM*CUBISM is an artistic movement founded by Picasso and Braque in the early 20th century, expressing a three-dimensional form in a two-dimensional flat painting.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}, CAMOUFLAGE has been used to make it impossible to detect objects through the illusion of the eye or to induce misrecognition of size, speed, direction. It is also used to camouflage a vehicle under test before launching a new car.

Now, you can meet five GV70 with Genesis exclusive CAMOUFLAGE on the road.