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Practical Innovations

Introducing GV80 Technology

Genesis GV80 delivers a pleasant and premium experience with a variety of advanced features.Genesis GV80 delivers a pleasant and premium experience with a variety of advanced features.


Sports utility vehicles are for those with a distinctive lifestyle. It’s why the GV80 is integrated with cutting-edge technological features that better connect with the driver’s way of living.

genesis-ww-technology-gv80-infotainment-system-04-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-ww-technology-gv80-infotainment-system-04-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
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Connected To You
14.5" Genesis Infotainment System14.5" Genesis Infotainment System

The GV80’s dashboard display comes equipped with the Genesis user interface, granting drivers an intuitive navigation map. Includes a 14.5” display, Genesis Connected Services, Google Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Genesis Carpay and Valet mode.

Digital Car KeyDigital Car Key

Unlock and start the GV80 with ease using your smartphone NFC and BLE (Bluetooth) function and share the same access with others.

Connected To YouConnected To You

Cloud-Based Voice RecognitionCloud-Based Voice Recognition

Convenient voice controls connect the driver to the vehicle and allow them to manage the heated seats, air -conditioning, windows, and sunroof - all without lifting a finger.

Augmented Reality NavigationAugmented Reality Navigation

Finding your destination has never been easier. The GV80 captures a video feed of your view in real-time and superimposes helpful navigation graphics such as arrows and street names, lane departure alerts and forward collision warnings.*Specifications may vary depending on model and/or country.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}

genesis-ww-technology-gv80-voice-recognition-06-desktop-1220x600-en.jpg genesis-ww-technology-gv80-voice-recognition-06-desktop-1220x600-en.jpg



Delivering a real-time video feed to your AVN screen and the possibility to share this via the smartphone application, observe your trajectory and any obstacles for more confidence when reversing.*※ Up to 12 hours can be recorded when parked (with auxiliary battery)${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}

genesis-ww-technology-gv80-genesis-touch-controller-09-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-ww-technology-gv80-genesis-touch-controller-09-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-ww-technology-gv80-genesis-car-pay-10-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-ww-technology-gv80-genesis-car-pay-10-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
Convenience & Comfort
Genesis Touch Controller (Handwriting Recognition)Genesis Touch Controller (Handwriting Recognition)

Write your way to the next destination. Using the Center Control Panel’s interactive and intuitive touchscreen, use handwriting for swifter usability and access quick menus with gesture recognition.

Genesis CarpayGenesis Carpay

Refuel and pay to park from the comfort and convenience of the driving seat. Available at selected locations with compatible payment systems.

For The Family

Your loved ones will enjoy the convenience of the second and third-row seats. Start your happiness with the Genesis GV80.Your loved ones will enjoy the convenience of the second and third-row seats. Start your happiness with the Genesis GV80.


Driver’s Ergo Motion SeatDriver’s Ergo Motion Seat

GV80 is equipped with ERGO Motion Seat recognized by Germany’s Aktion Gesunder Rucken e.V. (Campaign for Healthier Backs) for ergonomic design that minimizes fatigue and ensures maximum lumbar comfort. *AGR certification may vary depending on country or spec.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}

AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rucken e.V) CertificationAGR (Aktion Gesunder Rucken e.V) Certification

Campaign for Healthier Backs bestows its international seal of approval to outstanding back-friendly products after rigorous evaluation by experts from various medical disciplines on how the seats can be adjusted to prevent discomfort and provide relief.

Superior Comfort

Air Purification SystemAir Purification System

The advanced air purification system cleanses all air entering the cabin, reducing fine dusts for a healthier drive. Using sensors, the filtration system monitors and informs you of the internal air quality.*Specifications may vary depending on model and/or country.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}

The Passenger ExperienceThe Passenger Experience

Electric Side CurtainsElectric Side Curtains

Sit back in pleasant seclusion and enjoy total privacy with controllable side-window curtains. Perfect for long journeys and peaceful city cruising.

Seat Adjustment ControlSeat Adjustment Control

The rear seats accommodate passengers to the highest of comforts, adjusting to provide a relaxing position with a near zero-gravity feel activated easily through GENESIS infotainment system.

genesis-ww-technology-gv80-the-passenger-experience-14-desktop-1220x600-en.jpg genesis-ww-technology-gv80-the-passenger-experience-14-desktop-1220x600-en.jpg
genesis-ww-technology-gv80-seat-adjustment-control-15-desktop-1220x600-en.jpg genesis-ww-technology-gv80-seat-adjustment-control-15-desktop-1220x600-en.jpg


Lexicon Sound System

Experience exceptional sound with 18 Lexicon speakers and Quantum Logic Surround technology. Optimally positioned for the best stereophonic sound, the speakers are paired with stainless steel grilles for a crisp and clear projection. Supported by a 14-channel high output external amplifier, the GV80’s audio system offers rich bass for immersive listening.*Specifications may vary depending on model and/or country.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}