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GENESIS Neolun Concept


THe harmony of dynamic vitality and elegance

The Genesis Neolun Concept, meaning 'The New Moon,' embodies humanity's longstanding fascination with the moon and the dynamic vitality of its ever-rising presence. In the era of electrification, we persist in advancing technologies aligned with Genesis design philosophy and inspired by the future.


New era of Genesis

Genesis endeavors to provide a vehicle experience that transcends mere transportation, aiming to offer a thoughtful journey within its confines. This indicates a new direction for your overall travel experience, showcasing future luxury in a unique style that boldly moves beyond the present without hesitation.

Timeless beauty

Following the Reductive Design philosophy, Genesis prioritizes essential elements to achieve elegance and purity through perfect proportions and meticulous details. The Neolun Concept embodies this philosophy with its Midnight Black & Majestic Blue Two-tone color, drawing inspiration from Korea's serene nights. 

  • Fender Volume

    Highlights its immaculate silhouette. The minimalistic body, with only the most essential elements remaining, further accentuates the seamless blend of panels and creases.

  • Two-line Lamps

    Extend seamlessly from the headlights to the side repeaters and tail lamps, embodying a design philosophy that prioritizes infinite scalability and potential for evolution. The complete lack of parting lines evokes a sense of haute couture craftsmanship.

An Exculisve Suite

The interior of the Genesis Neolun Concept is delicately designed to complement the electrification model. Tailored for luxury lifestyles, the design reflects the concept of 'the beauty of space,' drawing inspiration from traditional Korean aesthetics.

  • B-Pillarless Coach Door

    Showcases Genesis' commitment to providing a welcoming and effortless experience for its passengers. As the B-pillarless coach door of the Genesis opens, it reveals a spacious interior, designed to streamline the boarding and disembarking process.

  • Seats & Materials

    They are embellished in Royal Indigo cashmere and Purple Silk leather and come together to elevate the comforting ambiance of the cabin. The combination of soft, warm cashmere and matte leather dyed with Korean natural pigments, accented with translucent materials and real aluminum garnishes create an unsuspecting harmony. The dark-colored real wood is used on the flooring to further enhance the experience.

  • Swiveling Seat

    Is capable of rotating 180 degrees, allowing you to freely adjust the front row seats in any desired direction depending on the situation. 

convergence of technology and design

The convergence of technology and design suggests a whole new level of luxury, helping passengers recharge and make the transportation experience truly special. 

  • Sound Architecture

    Is designed meticulously to create a three-dimensional audio experience reminiscent of a concert hall, with strategically placed speakers. The iconic 'Crystal Sphere' acts as both an artistic centerpiece and a high-fidelity tweeter speaker. By blending cutting-edge technology with exquisite aesthetics, Genesis delivers sensory delight.

  • Ondol

    A new heating system inspired by Korea's traditional underfloor heating has been carefully installed. With the low-power radiant heating film in various positions inside the vehicle, we aim to enhance heating efficiency while providing customers with a new experience reminiscent of a luxurious lounge infused with Korean traditional culture, enriching their valuable journeys.

  • Adjustable Display

    Can move vertically, seamlessly integrating into the dashboard while driving to optimize voice command recognition and navigation functionality. When the vehicle is stationary, you can indulge in a full entertainment experience on the expansive 24.6-inch display.

  • Rotating Column Type Shift-by-wire

    Has been integrated seamlessly into the steering wheel. By merging the rotary column-type SBW with the steering wheel, we introduced an intuitive interface that remains at 12 o'clock during parking and shifts to 2 o'clock upon engine ignition. This driver-centric UX prioritizes safety and offers superior aesthetics.

  • Rear-seat flexible display

    Rear display and front seat main display visible inside the Genesis Neolun Concept, with a view from the rear seat towards the front seats.

Vision becomes reality


At the core of every innovation is our steadfast commitment to provide our owners with more than just functional convenience; Genesis aims to offer emotional solace throughout their journeys, transcending time and space.

With a bold and progressive attitude deeply ingrained in our Distinctly Korean DNA, we continually push boundaries and explore new frontiers.

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