Four orange Genesis Magma Concept cars side by side - side view outdoors

Genesis Magma Program

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The Expansion of Genesis

Beneath the unseen surface, we have captured the essence of magma, condensing its extreme energy to maximize dynamic strength and elegant design. This embodies Genesis commitment to pioneering new horizons in high-performance and introducing a new touring culture.

The Magma color is inspired by Genesis's distinctly Korean ethos

"The color symbolizes the self-confident and passionate attitude of Korea. There is a quiet, efficient, disciplined and humble first impression soon contrasted by a high performing and extroverted attitude."

Luc Donckerwolke, CCO


Gentle driver, gentle disruptor

Genesis Magma is an alter ego of Genesis that you have never experienced before, simultaneously serving as a catalyst to awaken another part of yourself.

Unspoken dominance

Genesis channels its maximum power into the Magma program, releasing all its energy at once to evoke awe and admiration. The body is widened to capture the essence of dynamism and sportiness.


Captivating control

The Genesis Magma program delivers intense power and precise vehicle control, ensuring an accurate yet comfortable driving experience under any conditions.


Sharpened immersion

Genesis Magma HMI enhances driver focus and responsiveness by delivering essential information concisely and attentively,ensuring optimal engagement behind the wheel.


Discover Magma program


G80 Magma Special

The G80 Magma Special, communicates its sporty ambitions through the fantastic stance of the vehicle, lowered suspension, wide body and integrated aerodynamics. A select number of partner companies with expertise in high-performance vehicles have come together to develop the G80 Magma Special.


Electrified G80 Magma Concept

As the second electric vehicle model under the Magma program, the Electrified G80 Magma Concept emphasizes a sportier side while perfectly embodying power, performance, and style. With a more striking new exterior, lowered body for an elegant design, and advanced suspension systems, the G80 Magma Concept is defined by elegance and performance enhancements. The G80 Magma Concept is designed with a long wheelbase targeting Chinese customers and is available in the China-exclusive Vision Blue and Acme Blue colors.

Wider and lower, enhanced performance sedan

The Electrified G80 Magma Concept exudes an overwhelming presence right from its exterior. Its broader and lower profile, in perfect harmony with the 21-inch wheels, newly designed front grille, widened fenders, and fresh rear bumper, commands attention. The rear bumper, adorned with integrated fog lamps reminiscent of racing cars, along with the trunk lid and spoiler lip, contributes to aerodynamic performance enhancements. Additionally, the rear diffuser and ducktail spoiler optimize airflow, enhancing the overall performance of the vehicle.


A space that embraces the driver with subtle comfort

The interior of the Electrified G80 Magma Concept is adorned with materials such as Alcantara, quilted leather, and carbon fiber inserts with a distinctive blue weave, offering a velvety touch. The exquisite yet eco-friendly interior design takes the driving experience to unparalleled heights.


Perfect performance, and beyond

Enhanced ride comfort and handling performance add an extra layer of enjoyment to driving. By implementing advanced suspension systems, high-performance wheels, and large ventilated front and rear brakes, performance has been significantly improved. Moreover, optimized lightweight wheels reduce unsprung weight, enhancing fuel efficiency. Tuned suspension for wider tracks and increased cornering potential enables exceptional handling.



GV60 Magma Concept

First unveiled at Genesis House New York, the GV60 Magma Concept marks the initial step toward creating a profound emotional connection between Genesis and its drivers. As the first electric vehicle from Genesis, the GV60 features enhanced battery and motor technology, delivering upgraded design and performance.

The aesthetics of stability enhancing dynamism

The exterior design of the GV60 Magma Concept perfectly harmonizes the chassis, aerodynamics, and thermodynamics. The widened and lowered body reduces the center of gravity, enhancing stability while providing a more dynamic, sporty driving experience.

Genesis GV60 Magma concept car outdoor

Intensity within the details

The GV60 Magma Concept seamlessly blends its bold exterior design with a premium yet sporty interior. Featuring bucket seats in orange, symbolizing magma, paired with titanium grey, the soft Nappa and suede leather boasts intricate double diamond quilting, evoking a refined sense of luxury.



X Gran Berlinetta Concept

The X Gran Berlinetta Concept, which most emotionally expresses Genesis design philosophy of 'Athletic Elegance', was born from the brand's passion and commitment to the Gran Turismo series. It captures the unique, delicate yet intense identity of Genesis in a racing car, emphasizing both high performance and elegance simultaneously.

The ultimate expression of racing car design

The X Gran Berlinetta Concept emphasizes high performance while capturing unique, delicate yet intense identity of Genesis. The new crest grille shape of the front design extends into the quad lamps, revealing a dynamic presence. The Genesis signature two-line design continues from the front to the sides, completing an aerodynamic structure. By moving the driver's seat and powertrain to the rear, the extended dash-to-axle ratio perfectly implements a sleek mid-engine layout. The blend of dynamic design and aerodynamic technology highlights the intense side profile. The rear design features a spoiler for improved aerodynamics and a horizontal trailing edge for more stable high-speed performance. The body, which protrudes towards the rear, maximizes the elliptical concave volume.

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Concept - front side view

Interior space maximizing driver focus

The Genesis design philosophy, 'the beauty of space', is showcased in the interior of the X Gran Berlinetta Concept, where essential race track functions are seamlessly integrated to enhance driver focus. The digital panoramic interface, serving as the information center, is connected to the surrounding monitoring system, providing an unobstructed view of nearby vehicles. The Steer-by-Wire system offers precise and bold handling, elevating competitiveness on the race track.

 X Gran Berlinetta Concept details of steering wheel and dashboard

Innovative design, equally powerful performance

The Lambda 11 V6 engine with Genesis electric supercharger technology boasts performance as powerful as it is beautiful. It generates up to 1,071 horsepower and 986lb-ft of torque, with a maximum speed of about 10,000 rpm. The peak output is 870hp, with a maximum torque of 790lb-ft. The YASA electric motor provides an additional 201hp and 196lb-ft of torque.



X Gran Racer Concept

The Genesis X Racer concept is the passion of Genesis for the Gran Turismo series, and its perfect design and performance reflect unwavering belief. Inspired by the X Gran Berlinetta concept and innovatively realized, this high-performance concept car embodies the unique design philosophy of 'dynamic elegance' and takes it one step further.

Where form meets function

Active aerodynamic flaps are electronically controlled for precise adjustments to enhance the car's aerodynamic qualities. Adding to the enhanced aerodynamics are the larger front splitter, rear diffuser, strategically placed canards on the front fascia, and a more aggressive rocker panel.


Maximizing focus on the race track

Inspired by the relentless pursuit of speed and precision in racing, the interior has been meticulously crafted to prioritize essential functions while elevating the driver's experience.


Race-focused innovation for performance

With a focus on delivering an unmatched driving experience, Genesis aims to showcase high-performance vehicles that merge advanced technology and sporty design.



GV80 Coupe Concept

Experience the perfect blend of dynamic design and exceptional performance in the ideal premium coupe SUV. The GV80 Coupe Concept offers an innovative SUV that captures both performance and emotion through the seamless integration of sporty dynamism and elegant silhouette.

Smooth fusion of sportiness and modernity

The double crest grille and parabolic lines across the body epitomize the unique 'Athletic Elegance' of Genesis. The sleek integrated roof rack and roof lines enhance the vehicle's dynamic presence, while the newly designed dual crest grille adds a touch of modern aesthetics to the front of the GV80 Coupe Concept.

Genesis GV80 Coupé from the front with mountains in the background

Powerful performance and stable driving experience

The GV80 Coupe Concept, equipped with a 2.5-liter turbo engine, delivers powerful performance and flex brake functionality, ensuring confident and stable driving in various situations.


Refined stability through precision

The GV80 Coupe Concept allows for keyless start with a fingerprint recognition system. Additionally, the upgraded Genesis Active Safety Control System and various driver assistance features enhance safety and comfort during the drive.

Genesis G70 Magma Track Taxi - front side view


Track Taxi G70

Genesis offers the Genesis Track Taxi Nordschleife program at the famous Nürburgring in Germany, offering passenger rides to the public at one of the world’s most complex but thrilling racetracks. To guarantee driving performance, durability and stability for the fast-paced Nordschleife ride, Genesis utilizes the sporty sedan G70 3.3T model, renowned for dynamic drivability, innovative technology and an athletic, coupe-like design.


Unleash the powerful sound of Magma

The unique sound of Magma begins with various elements.

It features the rhythmic, slow heartbeat and the subtle flow of lava with a hint of bubbling, akin to the natural sound of water evaporating into steam.


As acceleration kicks in, the dark, distinctive sound effects become more pronounced, completing the special Magma effect sound.


Additionally, the sound transforms uniquely, akin to a helicopter or turbine starting up, with a dark, deep modulation that reveals the authentic mechanical sound.



Goodwood Festival Of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, held annually at Goodwood House in West Sussex, UK, is a premier motorsport event. It's a progressive yet historic gathering of iconic racing cars from past and present, initiated in 1993 by the Duke of Richmond to revive motorsport in the Goodwood area.

In 2021, Genesis made a successful debut as a premium brand by unveiling the G70 Shooting Brake for the first time.


Genesis unveiled the X Convertible, GV80 Coupe Concept, and G90 luxury sedan in Europe for the first time. At the main event of the Goodwood Festival, the Hill Climb, the new electric GV60 made a dynamic debut, capturing everyone's attention.


For its fourth appearance at the Goodwood Festival, Genesis showcases several stunning vehicles: the GV60 Magma Concept, GV80 Coupe Concept, G80 EV Magma Concept and G70 Taxi.

Alongside the chance to see these cars up close, visitors can immerse themselves in the Genesis philosophy of 'Son-nim' hospitality with the unveiling of a new, immersive exhibition space.