Vehicle Recycling

We think ahead

Our resources are finite. That's why, at Genesis, we make sure to consider the recyclability of our models right from the design phase. Making sure that end-of-life vehicles are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner is an important contribution we need to make next to continuously innovating our drive systems.

To ensure that the disposal and recycling of the vehicle can be carried out easily and correctly, we develop our models using recyclable materials and label these accordingly.

Furthermore, we also design our components so that they can be easily maintained and repaired. After all, an above average lifespan remains the most sustainable solution for your Genesis.

If your Genesis has concluded its last journey, we are happy to help. With our network of expert partners, you can leave your Genesis in capable hands knowing that the materials will be disposed of properly – including the batteries – and the recycling will be handled as environmentally friendly as possible.

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We'll help you to dispose of your Genesis properly and environmentally friendly

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