Mint-coloured Genesis GV60 driving through the forest on a highway - side back view

Unlock the future

Digital Key 2

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    Digital Key 2 is only available for the GV60 Model Year 2023 and 2024.

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Introducing Digital Key 2

Security at its heart

Digital Key 2 employs state-of-the-art security with the highest level of privacy protection. It is compliant with the Car Connectivity Consortium's industry standard for digital key storage, authentication and sharing.

Device Compatibility

Digital Key 2 and  Digital Key 2 Touch

Which Digital Key you can use depends on the model of smartphone you have. Check the list to find out which applies to you., certain features are only available with Digital Key 2.

Man looks through the window at the driver's seat of the Genesis GV60

Digital Key 2 Features: Key-free, hands-free

You can unlock your Genesis automatically, without having to touch your phone to the door handle. Perfect for when your hands are full.

Woman opens the door of a Genesis GV60

When you stand by the back of your Genesis for three seconds, Smart Tailgate will automatically open the tailgate. With Digital Key 2 loading and unloading just got a lot easier.

Half-open boot of the Genesis GV60 in the colour Mint

With Digital Key 2 there's no need to get your phone out to use your Genesis. Your car will recognise your phone from up to a metre away, then you can open the door and start the car.

Woman at the wheel of a Genesis GV60 driving through the city - details of the dashboard

Remotely lock, unlock, or start your Genesis when you're within Bluetooth range. Your Digital Key lives in your smartphone's wallet, for complete remote control.

Genesis GV60 front door in mint colour
Detailed view of the headlight of a mint Genesis GV60

Easy setup

To register Digital Key 2, simply open your Genesis Connected Services app, follow the simple registration process, and enjoy secure and easy access to your car with just your smartphone.

Seamless Sharing

Let others use your digital key

Digital Key 2 lets you safely share your key with up to three others using the Genesis Connected Services app. It is as easy as opening your smartphone's wallet then sharing your key with your contact. Once they have accepted, they can use your GV60.

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