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G80 Technology

Innovative Technology Driven
by Convenience

The all new innovative experience.

Introducing The All New Genesis G80 Technology

Enjoy a fresh, yet relaxing experience with G80.Enjoy a fresh, yet relaxing experience with G80.


A variety of convenient features within the G80 provide an amazingly fresh in-car experience.



With seven air cells inside, it provides enhanced side support in connection with the driving mode or vehicle speed. Recognized by Germany’s Aktion Gesunder Rucken e.V. (Campaign for Healthier Backs) for ergonomic design, it minimizes fatigue and ensures maximum lumbar comfort. *AGR certification may vary depending on country or spec.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}


AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rucken e.V) CertificationAGR (Aktion Gesunder Rucken e.V) Certification

Campaign for Healthier Backs bestows its international seal of approval to outstanding back-friendly products after rigorous evaluation by experts from various medical disciplines on how the seats can be adjusted to prevent discomfort and provide relief.

For Driver’s Convenience

12.3" 3D Cluster12.3" 3D Cluster

This cutting-edge stereoscopic cluster displays driving information in three dimensions with unique views according to the driving mode. It tracks the driver's eyes to provide accurate information at any angle.

Easy Control

genesis-g80-technology-touch-type-control-panel-large.jpg genesis-g80-technology-touch-type-control-panel-large.jpg
genesis-g80-technology-genesis-touch-controller-large.jpg genesis-g80-technology-genesis-touch-controller-large.jpg

A touch screen temperature control offers high-tech operability and maximizes convenience when adjusting the air conditioner, heater, and fan speed.

The concaved center of the Genesis controller functions as a handwriting recognition touchpad. The system provides the driver improved usability that allows for handwriting recognition without the need of complicated keyboard input.

Explore Genesis just for you with a variety of options and colors

Sound System


18 Lexicon speakers powered by Quantum Logic surround technology renders exceptional sound quality in the Genesis G80 that must be heard to be believed.

For Rear Passengers

Enter a space designed to enhance the journey for the driver and passengers.Enter a space designed to enhance the journey for the driver and passengers.

Rear Seat Convenience

genesis-g80-technology-rear-seat-remote-controls-large.jpg genesis-g80-technology-rear-seat-remote-controls-large.jpg
genesis-g80-technology-electronic-ventilated-large.jpg genesis-g80-technology-electronic-ventilated-large.jpg
genesis-g80-technology-powered-rear-curtain-large.jpg genesis-g80-technology-powered-rear-curtain-large.jpg
genesis-g80-technology-rear-seat-entertainment-system-large.jpg genesis-g80-technology-rear-seat-entertainment-system-large.jpg

A conveniently placed controller allows rear passengers to enjoy a comfortable ride with access to intuitively adjusted rear seats, a powered rear curtain, and dual entertainment systems.

The rear electronic seat can be adjusted by desired seat angle. It also features ventilation to provide a comfortable ride all-year-round.

The electrically powered curtain improves the surroundings for rear seat passengers.

Multimedia monitors, with access to movies and TV services, are conveniently located on the driver's side and passenger's side seatbacks. Each screen can play independently of the other and can be used intuitively through the touch screen navigation.*Terrestrial DMB can be viewed in standard (320X240) and high (1,280X720) display resolution, however reception may not be possible due to transmission circumstances.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}