A design defined by harmony and balance.


Introducing G70 Design

Its silhouette marries form with finesse, creating an undeniable presence that leaves a lasting impression on the road and off.

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With fluid lines and an impactful grille, the G70’s sleek and dynamic design alludes to its powerful performance.

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  1. Full LED Headlamps

    Wide hood lines carve character into the front of the G70, highlighting its equally eye-catching headlamps.

  2. Black And Copper
    Bezel Details

    Subtle yet striking black and copper bezels* gracefully frame the car’s star features.

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The Genesis G70 is an athletic sedan characterized by its graceful and dynamic exterior styling; elegant and intuitively designed interior; and choice of three different powertrains.


Dual Exhaust Tip

The G70’s robust bumpers sport provocative dual exhaust tip designed to amplify your driving experience. Always leave with effect.*

Designed to Be Driven

The bold exterior houses a handsome interior, where comfort takes a front-row seat. Settle into refined upholstery and enjoy ergonomic controls that put you in charge of the exhilarating action.


    Every aspect of the cockpit is intuitive and intentional. It puts the driver at its core, in complete control, from the moment you enter the vehicle.


    Delicately stitched fine leather and exquisite real aluminum finishes create a spectacle for the senses. Allow the G70’s immersive interior to place you in a space of total driving bliss.


Premium Quilted Seats

Soft and supportive Nappa leather seats give you comfort and confidence when driving — featuring a beautifully stitched diamond quilting pattern that’s just one of many finishing touches to the G70’s sophisticated cabin.

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