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Genesis Connected ServicesGenesis Connected Services

We created the cutting-edge technology which protects the driver and the vehicle in all situations to ensure a more comfortable and safer driving environment.We created the cutting-edge technology to ensure a more comfortable and safer driving environment.


Experience safe and smart driving with Genesis Connected Services.Experience the special
Genesis Connected Services.

Service IntroductionService Introduction

genesis-kr-service-introduction-remote-hvac-control-05-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-remote-hvac-control-05-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-remote-door-06-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-remote-door-06-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-remote-window-07-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-remote-window-07-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-find-my-car-08-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-find-my-car-08-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-send-destination-09-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-send-destination-09-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-check-vehicle-status-10-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-check-vehicle-status-10-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
Remote Control
Remote HVAC controlRemote HVAC control

You can turn on the car’s air conditioner or heater with your smartphone from your home or office.

Remote door lock / unlockRemote door lock / unlock

Pressing 'Check Door Lock' on your smartphone locks the doors automatically even if the vehicle is parked far away.

Remote window open / closeRemote window open / close

You can close your vehicle windows automatically just by pressing the 'Close Window' button on your smartphone app even if you are far away from the vehicle.

Parking location confirmationParking location confirmation

Notifies driver of vehicle’s parked location by blinking emergency lights, honks or map on a smartphone.

Send destinationSend destination

You can search for a location on Genesis Connected Service app, set it as the destination for the vehicle or share it via social media.

Check Vehicle StatusCheck Vehicle Status

You can easily check your vehicle status using the Genesis Connected Services app.

genesis-kr-service-introduction-automatic-collision-notification-11-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-automatic-collision-notification-11-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-sos-emergency-assistance-12-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-sos-emergency-assistance-12-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-anti-theft-tracking-13-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-anti-theft-tracking-13-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-anti-theft-alarm-notification-14-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-anti-theft-alarm-notification-14-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-driver-attention-alert-15-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-driver-attention-alert-15-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
Safety and Security
Automatic collision NotificationAutomatic collision Notification

If the airbag is deployed in an accident, Genesis Connected Services will provide emergency rescue and accident handling support.

SOS emergency AssistanceSOS emergency Assistance

Press the SOS button when you need help. We will coordinate with 112, 119 and insurance companies to provide the help that you need.

Anti-theft trackingAnti-theft tracking

In the case of theft, Genesis Connected Services will provide support to assist the police in locating the stolen vehicle.

Anti-theft alarm notificationAnti-theft alarm notification

The service will notify you via SMS if the vehicle’s anti-theft alarm has been triggered.

Driver Attention Alert (DAA)Driver Attention Alert (DAA)

When a warning is issued by driver caution warning system, you will be connected to Genesis Connected Services representative to prevent potential accidents.

genesis-kr-service-introduction-vehicle-diagnostics-16-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-vehicle-diagnostics-16-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-monthly-report-17-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-monthly-report-17-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-driving-information-18-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-driving-information-18-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-ota-update-19-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-ota-update-19-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-safe-driving-habits-20-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-safe-driving-habits-20-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-remote-diagnostics-21-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-remote-diagnostics-21-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle diagnosisVehicle diagnosis

Depending on the vehicle diagnostic test results, the customer is guided to necessary service measures to support customer’s safety and vehicle protection.

Monthly reportMonthly report

Your vehicle’s conditions are diagnosed regularly and the results are sent to you via email.

Driving informationDriving information

This features the driving habit of the client.

OTA update (Over-the-air)OTA update (Over-the-air)

Conveniently supports navigation updates over-the-air.

Safe Driving HabitsSafe Driving Habits

Drive safe with 'Safe & Save’ driving score and save on your car insurance fee.

Remote diagnosticsRemote diagnostics

In the event of a failure, we will guide you through the cause of the problem with analysis and solutions.

genesis-kr-service-introduction-connected-services-navigation-22-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-connected-services-navigation-22-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-portal-sites-search-23-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-portal-sites-search-23-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-share-my-car-location-24-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-share-my-car-location-24-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-service-introduction-server-based-voice-recognition-25-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-service-introduction-server-based-voice-recognition-25-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
Connected Services navigationConnected Services navigation

Connected Services navigation reflects real-time traffic information to provide a quick and safe route to your destination.

Local search on the portal sitesLocal search on the portal sites

Location information not stored on the navigation can be searched and set as a destination by using the Naver/Kakao database.

Share My Car LocationShare My Car Location

You can easily share your car’s location with others.

Server-based voice recognitionServer-based voice recognition

Experience safe and convenient driving with simplified “one-shot” voice recognition.

driver with smartphone driver with smartphone
opening vehicle door opening vehicle door
Crystal Sphere Vehicle Startup Crystal Sphere Vehicle Startup
Genesis Connected Service Digital Key 2 Passive Entry Genesis Connected Service Digital Key 2 Passive Entry
Genesis Connected Service Digital Key 2 Passive Start Genesis Connected Service Digital Key 2 Passive Start
Control car with smartphone Control car with smartphone
driver with smartphone driver with smartphone
Digital Key 2
How to registerHow to register

Use your smartphone as a car key after register.

Touch control – DoorTouch control – Door

Without opening the digital key app, you can lock/unlock the door by touching your smartphone on the door handle of your vehicle.

Touch control – startTouch control – start

Without opening the digital key app, you can put your smartphone on top of the wireless charging pad to start your car.

Passive EntryPassive Entry

Open your car door without touching your digital key on the door handle.

Passive StartPassive Start

If the digital key is in the car, you can start your car.

Near Field Remote ControlNear Field Remote Control

Control your car remotely with Apple Wallet / Samsung Pass.

Digital key sharingDigital key sharing

Share your digital key with your friends and families.

Digital Key DeletingDigital Key Deleting

Delete a digital key stored on smartphone or shared digital key.