Innovative technologies that enable drivers to interact with their vehicle, a cutting-edge infotainment system and various connected car services designed specifically for electric vehicles offer customers a smarter take on mobility. Innovative technologies that enable drivers to interact with their vehicle, a cutting-edge infotainment system and various connected car services designed specifically for electric vehicles offer customers a smarter take on mobility.


The GV60 will lead the way in an emotional yet innovative mobility lifestyle in this new era of interactive technology.

GV60 실내 지문 인증 시스템

Personalized Features

Face Connect

Face Connect is a feature that allows the vehicle to recognize the driver's face to lock or unlock its doors without a key. With Face Connect, the Head-Up-Display (HUD), driver’s seat, steering wheel, side mirrors, and infotainment settings can be adjusted based on the driver’s customized settings. It can be automatically connected to individual driver profiles, providing a new level of convenience that makes it seem as if the vehicle recognizes the driver.

Personalized Features

Fingerprint Authentication System Fingerprint Authentication System

This allows drivers to start and drive the car without a key and offers an authentication function for in car payments and release of Valet Mode.

Over-the-air (OTA) software updateOver-the-air (OTA) software update

Previously, this function was used to wirelessly update infotainment system features, such as navigation, the digital instrument cluster, and the Head-Up-Display (HUD). With the GV60, the scope of the updates has been further expanded to other key areas of the vehicle, enabling additional software updates on major electronic devices including the electric vehicle integrated control device, suspension, brakes, steering wheel, airbags, and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). This allows drivers to update their vehicle’s software without visiting a service center, so their vehicle is always up to date with the latest features.

Genesis Digital Key 2Genesis Digital Key 2

The GV60 will feature a Digital Key 2 for the first time in a Genesis vehicle. This is an upgraded version of the existing digital key, enabling drivers to open the door without using the smartphone. Drivers can enter and start their car by simply touching the door handle and the digital key can be shared to up to three people.

* Genesis Digital Key 2 BLE/UWB function of will be available through OTA updates. (December 2021)


next-generation infotainment system (ccIC)next-generation infotainment system (ccIC)

The GV60 is the first Genesis model to apply a next-generation infotainment system, ccIC (connected car Integrated Cockpit), which links clusters and navigation into a panoramic display while seamlessly connecting content throughout clusters, navigation, and HUD.


For your convenience, GV60 allows you to make a payment in the vehicle without actual card by registering your card through Carpay application.

GV60 next-generation infotainment system (ccIC) GV60 next-generation infotainment system (ccIC)
제네시스 카페이 제네시스 카페이

Comfortable Space

Front passenger seat door handle diffuser Front passenger seat door handle diffuser
Independent full automatic air conditioning Independent full automatic air conditioning

A membrane-type diffuser is inserted in the door handle of the passenger seat which creates an elegant atmosphere and keeps the interior refreshing.

The air conditioning system separately controls the temperature and airflow of the space and prevents the inflow of outside air, keeping the interior pleasant and fresh all year round. Even when the power is turned off, the After Blow System will keep the interior clean by preventing the proliferation of mold inside the air conditioner and reducing odor.

For passenger’s comfortFor passenger’s comfort


This ergonomic seat system utilizes air-cells inside the seat for a comfortable ride, providing enhanced side support in connection with the driving mode or vehicle speed. Also, a stretch mode is provided through the individual control of air-cells in the seat cushion.** Applied when selecting Convenience Package.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}

Front Relaxation Comfort SeatFront Relaxation Comfort Seat

The Relaxation Comfort Seats are built into front seats to optimize body pressure, aiding passengers to sit in a zero-gravity position to relieve stress and enjoy a higher level of comfort for relaxation.** Applied when selecting Convenience Package.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}

운전석 에르고 모션 시트 운전석 에르고 모션 시트
앞좌석 릴렉션 컴포트 시트 앞좌석 릴렉션 컴포트 시트

Comfortable SpaceComfortable Space

Rear Passenger SeatsRear Passenger Seats

Interior space innovation through an EV platform and its design provides ample space, while convenient features such as 6:4 folding of the rear seats and seatback reclining provide free space utilization.

Smart Power TailgateSmart Power Tailgate

Set the power tailgate’s opening height to your desired preference to improve its usability. A number of opening angles add the high-tech image of the GV60.

Multi-folding luggage boardMulti-folding luggage board

The luggage area can be enlarged by folding the rear seats down, securing more space for storage under the luggage board and further improving utility.

뒷좌석 승객 공간 뒷좌석 승객 공간
스마트 파워 테일게이트 스마트 파워 테일게이트
멀티폴딩 러기지 보드 멀티폴딩 러기지 보드


Bang & Olufsen 17-speaker systemBang & Olufsen 17-speaker system

A luxury Bang & Olufsen sound system custom-designed for the GV60 provides nothing but pleasure with a subtle but rich, high-quality sound. With a tap of their finger, using Bang & Olufsen’s dedicated sound control interface, drivers and passengers can choose a sound mix for specific atmospheres encompassing four ‘moods’ (Relax, Energetic, Bright, and Warm). The 17 speakers complete the premium audio system.** Available when selecting Bang & Olufsen Sound System.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}