Genesis X Concept outdoor - side view

Concept Car

Genesis X Concept

  • Genesis X Concept is a high-performance electric GT coupe concept car. Sustainable luxury is the future of Genesis.

Introducing the Genesis X Concept

The name 'Genesis X' is a combination of Genesis and the letter X, which symbolises a "Hidden Hero"

Genesis X Concept front view

Introducing the Genesis X Concept

"The Genesis X Concept can be described as the ultimate vision of Athletic Elegance, the inherent design language of Genesis. The signature Two Lines theme and sustainable luxury will be blueprints for the futuristic designs and state-of-the-art technologies that Genesis seeks to adopt in its future models."

Sang Yup Lee, Head of Genesis Global Design Center (2021)

Genesis X Concept outside - side view of the front

Color of Genesis X Concept

The Genesis X Concept's Lençóis Blue colour is inspired by the lagoons of Maranhenses National Park in Brazil, where a lake forms only during the rainy season. It was developed to express the level of sustainable luxury that Genesis pursues.


Front Design

The front of the Genesis X features a low, yet broad silhouette. The shield-shaped Crest Grille combined with the two-line headlamps, which continue through the wheel arch, create a strong front presence.

Genesis X Concept outside - front side view
Genesis X Concept outdoor - side view


Side profile


The side follows the traditional GT model design with a long hood and a short rear. The side's two-line lamps iconically lead to the headlights and taillights. The arcing Parabolic Line that runs along the side creates a dynamic and elegant impression.


Rear Design

The horseshoe rear design forms a simple and sleek curve, while the contours of the body create a strong, yet sophisticated presence.

Genesis X Concept outside - side back view

Two lines design

Genesis X Concept outside - front side view

Quad lamps

The two-lined Quad Lamps are the hallmark of our iconic light design.

Genesis X Concept outside - side back view

Tail lights

The tail lights, which feature our two-line design like the headlamps, evoke a sense of unity with the front, and create a sophisticated and sensual image with diffusers that accentuate the Two Lines aesthetic.

Genesis X Concept outside on car park - side view of the back

Two line glass detail

The subtle two-line detail in the rear glass exemplifies the Genesis design language.

Detailed view of the charger of the Genesis X Concept

Charging inlet

The slick, slide-to-open charging door has no parting lines for a seamless aerodynamic look. The Two Lines design continues with the charging port lights.

Design is in the details

Crest grille

To accentuate the imagery of a futuristic electric car, a three-dimensional G-Matrix pattern was applied to the sharp and intricate metal structure of the Genesis Crest Grille. The internal pattern of the grille has been painted in the same color as the exterior in order to create a sense of unity.

Genesis X Concept stands in a car park by the sea - front side view

5-spoke wheels

Genesis maximized the concept car's sporty sensibility by incorporating two-layered, turbine-type alloy wheels with five spokes. The brake calipers' lime accenting hints at the high-performance character of the Genesis X Concept.

Genesis X Concept outside - side view of the front

Digital side mirror

Demonstrating our obsession with the details, even the digital side mirror represents the Two Line motif.

Detailed view of the side mirror of the Genesis X Concept


Inspired by the "Beauty of White Space", the Genesis X Concept's interior features a driver-oriented design with a cockpit that surrounds the driver with all operating systems and displays.

Driver's seat and steering wheel in brown black in the Genesis X Concept

Attention to every detail

Two lines interior

The application of the Two Lines design element to the slim and indirect air vents that surround passengers, as well as the side window molding, emphasizes the model’s Two Lines concept while providing a sense of unity with the exterior design.

Detail of the steering wheel and dashboard in brown black from the Genesis X Concept
Sketch of the steering wheel and dashboard of the Genesis X Concept

Attention to every detail

Floating console & dashboard

The Genesis X Concept also features a dashboard that creates the sense that it is enveloping passengers and is connected to a floating center console.

Attention to every detail

The crystals sphere

Like an intricate jewel cradled on the floating center console, the Crystal Sphere is the rotatable Shift-By-Wire controller that is exclusive to Genesis. The device visually indicates on and off status of the vehicle. When parked, it is a beautifully crafted crystal. Once on the move, it rotates into a drive selector.

Detail of the sphere in the Genesis X Concept

New sustainable luxury

The Genesis X Concept's interior materials showcase the type of sustainable luxury that the Genesis brand is pursuing.

Detail of a brown leather seat cover of the Genesis X Concept
Driver's seat in brown leather in the Genesis X Concept - top view

Sustainable material story

Up-cycled weaving material

The use of upcycled materials adds unique character to Genesis X's interior. A weave-patterned fabric made out of leftover pieces of leather from previous manufacturing processes was used for the safety belts, parts of the steering wheel, and the airbag cover, highlighting the concept car's sustainability credentials.