Genesis G80 front interior with brown-black dashboard

Genesis Connected Services

Stay seamlessly connected – to your vehicle and your surroundings. With the Genesis Connected Services App you'll discover an extendable service platform offering a variety of smart functions designed to optimise your life on the road, keeping you always one step ahead.

Person operates the infotainment display in a car

An experience that goes beyond

The Genesis Connected Services App supports you on the road as well as off it. It connects your car and life to enrich your experience and maximise your level of comfort.



The navigation uses Genesis Connected Services and updates the map with real time traffic data to provide a quick and safe route to your destination. In addition, you'll also have access to a variety of other intelligent functions.

Detailed view of the Genesis navigation system


Search POI (Point of interest)

Whether you're looking for restaurants, fuel stations, hotels or leisure activities – the navigation of your Genesis knows the way to the relevant and interesting points of interest near you and your vehicle at the time of the search.


Server based voice recognition

Using voice recognition, you can control many functions of your Genesis simply by talking – whether you want to enter destinations, search for points of interest (POI), operate the phone or send text-based messages.

Finding car location

Can't remember exactly where you parked? No problem. With the map function of Genesis Connected Services App, you'll be back in the driver's seat in no time. 

Real time traffic info

Genesis Connected Services' Real Time Traffic Info informs you about the traffic situation as it happens and helps you to save time by rerouting you in case of a traffic jam.

Safety and security

We care about your safety. It drives many of our technologies and innovations as we aim to make the ride in your Genesis ever safer and more relaxing.

Person uses dial in the centre console of a Genesis G80


Emergency Call

The SOS button is situated above the vehicle’s rear view mirror and can be activated to instantly connect you to the emergency services. The system also automatically places an emergency call if your airbags have deployed.

Anti-theft alarm

If your Genesis' Anti-Theft Alarm is triggered, you will immediately receive a notification via the Genesis Connected Services App on your smartphone.

Driver attention alert

Whenever you show signs of fatigue, your Genesis' Driver Attention Alert will warn you via a signal as well as a message recommending a break.

Valet parking mode

In this mode, your vehicle's audio, video, navigation and telematics are locked to protect your personal data. Valet Parking mode also provides an overview of data collected during the period it is activated.

A woman at the wheel of a car switches on the air conditioning

Vehicle Management

For your safety and the protection of your vehicle, your Genesis will automatically run a diagnostic test and report any necessary service measures.


Vehicle report

Your Genesis will provide a report on the health of the vehicle. The report contains the travelled distance, driving/idle times, and information about the tyre pressure, airbags, suspension, brake system and more each month.

Driving information

Through the Genesis Connected Services App, you'll have access to a current overview of your travel information, driving behaviour, and driving data at any time. 

OTA (Over-the-air) update

As part of the Vehicle Management, the Audio Visual Navigation Telematics (AVNT) will receive a systematic Over The Air updates once every six months. In essence, this means you won’t have to visit a Genesis Operating Centre to keep features like maps up-to-date.

Remote diagnostics

Checking on your Genesis’ health can now easily be done without even being near the vehicle. This is now available through the Genesis Connected Services App.


Remote control

Your Genesis boasts innovative and progressive connected technology – meaning that you are able to lock and unlock your vehicle from anywhere in the world via the Genesis Connected App.

Remote lock of a blue Genesis G70 on a mobile phone

Useful Features

Send destination

Whether you've received a destination from a friend or needed to search for it online – there's no need to type the address into the navigation any longer. Simply send the destination to your vehicle to activate the navigation and get ready to get on your way the road.

Remote vehicle status

From DTE (Distance to Empty) to information on the engine, doors, air conditioning, windows, sun roof, bonnet, battery or lamps: the Remote Vehicle Status offers clear infographics to keep you informed about your vehicle even when you're not near it. 

Remote profiling

With Remote Profiling, you can now set up a user profile within the Genesis Connected Services App that will automatically personalise your Genesis to your specific preferences every time you get in.