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Always up to date

Over-the-air software updates

Don't lose time on your updates

When it comes to update your software of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) or infotainment and navigation, Genesis makes time-consuming service appointment a thing of the past. With its convenient Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, the latest software versions are wirelessly transmitted to your vehicle and installed when it's stationary.

Woman in the driver's seat of the Genesis GV60, operating the display above the centre console

Wireless software updates

If your Genesis has a software update pending, the new version is downloaded wirelessly as you drive. Once download is completed, your Genesis will inform you about the update starting via the display screen in the vehicle before executing. Depending on the type of OTA software update services, the updating can be done either during the drive or after the ignition is switched off.


You can maintain and manage your Genesis with the latest software without visiting a Genesis Operating Centre or doing it manually.

Notification service

As soon as the latest OTA software update is available, Genesis will inform you via e-mail, via your vehicle’s screen or via the Genesis Connected Services Mobile App.

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  • [Vehicle System Software Update]

    1. If the battery has been removed and then attached, you can update the vehicle via OTA service after turning off the ignition, disconnecting the power from the arbitrarily installed electronic units such as dash cam, etc., and parking for more than 4 hours.

    2. If any product is connected to the vehicle OBD terminal, the update function will not work due to an interference of communication between internal modules. After disconnecting the device from the vehicle OBD terminal, turn on the power and wait for at least 5 minutes, then turn off the power. (Do not connect any device to the OBD terminal during the wireless update.)

    3. During the software update, the vehicle cannot be operated and all functions (including electric vehicle high voltage battery charging and V2L* functions) will be unavailable.

    Supported car model: GV60**

    * V2L: Bi-directional charging system for electric vehicles

    ** Will become available for other models over time.

    [Infotainment and navigation Software Update]

    You can drive the vehicle during the installation of the update, however your Audio Video Navigation Telematics (AVNT) features will be turned off during the installation, this includes your parking assistance, speed sign and camera recognition features. Installation will take approximately 10-15 minutes.

    Supported car models: All Genesis models