Person holds a car key in his hand - in the background is a white car

Financing & Leasing

How to purchase a Genesis

Financing your new car with Genesis is simple, Genesis Finance have a range of products and offers which can be personalised to suit your needs.

Cash payment

To pay cash, the buyer transfers the total amount due to Genesis Motor Deutschland GmbH before delivery. Once the payment is received, the vehicle registration document and new car will be handed over to the buyer.

Genesis GV80 white exterior in front of building - person  walks aside car
Genesis GV80 grey on parking lot in front of Frankfurt skyline - front view outside

Kilometre leasing

Kilometer leasing, also known as "leasing with mileage restriction" or "mileage contract," means the monthly lease payment is calculated based on the expected mileage of the vehicle.



Balloon Financing

Balloon financing is also known as "residual value financing" or "balloon payment financing" is a method of financing motor vehicles. The regular payments are lower with a larger lump sum final payment, the "balloon" payment.



Genesis G80 black exterior - woman driving
Genesis GV60 interior front seat - outside a person in front of Frankfurt skyline

Linear loan

A linear loan for motor vehicles works similarly to a conventional linear loan for other purposes. Here's a description of how a linear loan for motor vehicles functions.