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New York Concept

‘Athletic Elegance’ of GENESIS in a technologically advanced, innovative concept.

A New Vehicle Typology

Thoughtful, well-executed design makes us feel good, and intuitive design makes things easier to use. Intelligent design delivers a rewarding experience for users, and has a positive impact on their lives.

The First Draft
  • Sketch

  • Exterior Render

  • Interior Render

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    The front maximizes dynamics with large radiator grille and slim, 3-dimensional head lamps.

  2. Side Profile

    The side expresses agility through the sleek line along with the long hood, wheelbase, and roof line. 

  3. Luxurious Rear

    The rear emphasizes luxury with the sharp rear lamps and the voluminous bumper design. 

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new york athletic

The nature-inspired character of the New York concept is seen through. Simple, yet powerful forms with voluminous surfaces and coherent features. The overall shape of the concept is characterized by a long hood and expansive dash-to-axle ratio. Visualizing the car’s performance-oriented nature and its resulting athletic stance.


Sophistication, elegance and exclusivity. Good design goes well beyond styling and without explanation.

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    The 21-inch curved control unit located in front of the driver seat continues seamlessly from the cluster and displays information related to the vehicle and allows intuitive operation.

  2. Touch sensitive center console

    The center console that flows through the 1st row to the 2nd row has center control panel equipped with touch and handwriting recognition functions, offering the newest convenience to all the passengers. 

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