Install the Genesis Digital Key app for touch / remote control and key sharing with family and friends.

Digital key Share

The Digital Key app lets you share your digital key with up to three people. You can choose the sharing period and features.


Without opening the digital key app, you can lock / unlock the door by touching your smartphone and card key on the door handle of your vehicle. 

Touch control
(Vehicle startup)

Without opening the digital key app, you can put your smartphone and card key on top of the wireless charging pad to start your car.


The digital key app allows you to lock / unlock doors, start remotely, control emergency alarm and open / close trunk (up to 10 meters away).
※ Trunk closing available only for SUVs

Register Digital Key

1. App download and vehicle registration
Please download the Genesis Digital Key app from the Google Play Store and complete your registration. Register your vehicle by selecting the [차량 등록증 확인] button in the digital key app and select the [차량 ↔ 스마트폰 연동] button.

2. Vehicle ↔ Smartphone Link 1
In order to link the vehicle, get on your vehicle and started with a smart key. Then, put your smartphone on the wireless charging pad.

3. Vehicle ↔ Smartphone Link 2
Select [Setup] > [Vehicle]> [Digital Key] > [Smartphone Key] > [Register]> [Save] from the navigation screen. Once registered, you can use the smartphone touch control and digital key app.

4. Card Key Registration 1
Please make sure the Bluetooth between your smartphone and the vehicle is connected to register the card key. Select [메뉴] > [카드 키 등록 인증]  button on the top right corner of the Digital Key App.

5. Card Key Registration 2
Place the card key on the wireless charging pad in your vehicle.

6. Card Key Registration 3
Press [Settings] > [Vehicle] > [Digital Key] > [Card Key] > [Register] > [Save] from the navigation screen. Once registration is completed, touch control of the card key is possible.

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