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Genesis GlobalGenesis Global

Genesis sponsors world-class golf tournaments, provides a unique brand experience, and facilitates the entry of Korean professional golfers onto the global stage.제네시스는 세계 최고 수준의 골프 대회를 후원하며 차별화된 브랜드 경험을 제공함과 동시에 한국 프로골퍼의 글로벌 진출을 지원합니다.

genesis invitational image

genesis invitational image

Genesis InvitationalGenesis Invitational

The Riviera Country Club


Feb. 17-20, 2022, LOS ANGELESFeb. 17-20, 2022, LOS ANGELES

With Tiger Woods as the official host, follow the fantastic matches of the world’s best players at the prestigious Genesis Invitational held at the Riviera Country Club.
Don’t miss the battle of tension and skill at one of the most challenging courses on the PGA Tour, with a huge purse and the pride of world-class players on the line.

Feb. 13-19, 2023 More Details coming soonFeb. 13-19, 2023 More Details coming soon

Genesis Invitational


Designed to challenge the best of the best, the Riviera Country Club is among the most respected courses in the United States.
With a 95-year history and a course that turns some of the world’s top players and celebrities into fans, the Riviera is home to high-profile events such as the annual Genesis Invitational and the upcoming competitions of the 2028 Olympic Games.