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Highway driving assist (HDA)

An automated system helps control the speed of the car and keep the vehicle in the lane
while driving on the highway by using comprehensive information such as distance from
the car ahead, lanes, and navigation-based speed limit, eliminating the need to step
on the brakes or the accelerator during long distance travel or while driving through congestion.

※ To ensure safety, drivers should hold on to the steering wheel while using the Highway driving assistance function.
※ Driving assist features (such as Forward collision-avoidance assist) are meant to help drivers on specific high-risk driving situations.
Please refer to the user’s manual for operational details.

GENESIS G70 Safety Features - 고속도로 주행 보조
  • GENESIS G70 Safety Features - 운전자 주의 경고 GENESIS G70 Safety Features - 운전자 주의 경고

    Driver attention warning (DAW)

    A comprehensive system analyzes driving patterns of the driver and the vehicle’s position in the lane to operate a 5-stage warning system. It posts pop-up messages and sets off warning signals to encourage the driver to rest when it detects driver fatigue or inattentive driving.

GENESIS G70 Safety Features - 고속도로 주행 보조

Blind-spot collision warning (BCW)

Two radars installed on the rear of the vehicle detect and warn the
driver of fast-approaching vehicles in blind spots or the back of the car.

GENESIS G70 Safety Features - 후측방 충돌 경고
GENESIS G70 Safety Features - 후측방 충돌 경고

Lane keeping assist (LKA)

A camera installed on the front of the vehicle monitors and alerts the driver of
accidental lane departures before steering the vehicle back into the lane.

GENESIS G70 Safety Features - 차로 이탈방지 보조

Smart cruise control with
stop & go (SCC w/ S&G)

Sensors automatically maintain a speed set by the driver while keeping a safe distance from
cars in front. In the event of a full stop, the vehicle restarts automatically after 3 seconds once
the car in front departs. In addition, the vehicle decelerates temporarily if cruising above the
navigation-based speed limit in a highway warning zone.

GENESIS G70 Safety Features - 스마트 크루즈 컨트롤 (Stop & Go 포함)

Forward collision-avoidance assist (FCA)

Comprehensive monitoring of front radar and camera signals warns the driver of potential forward
collisions or collisions with pedestrians, applying the brakes if warranted. This high-tech preventive
safety system takes into consideration not only the safety of other vehicles but of pedestrians as well.

GENESIS G70 Safety Features - 전방 충돌방지 보조
  • GENESIS G70 Safety Features - 로우빔 보조(조향연동)

    Low beam assist-dynamic (LBA-D)

    Headlamps steer automatically to the left or the right together with the steering wheel, improving visibility and reducing blind spots while driving at night.

  • GENESIS G70 Safety Features - 하이빔 보조

    High beam assist (HBA)

    Sensors monitor headlamps of oncoming vehicles and brightness of surroundings to switch between high beam and low beam automatically, promoting the safety of the driver as well as oncoming vehicles while driving at night.

GENESIS G70 Safety Features - 전방 충돌방지 보조