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Exquisite driving


Head-up display (HUD)

Vehicle information is projected on the front windshield through an 8″ image
with optimized brightness for excellent visibility even during the day.

GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 헤드업 디스플레이
  • GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 주차 거리 경고(전방/후방)

    Parking distance warning (PDW F/R)

    Sensors mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle track distance from obstacles and sound an alarm to assist drivers while parking.

  • GENESIS G70 Technology Features - tj라운드 뷰 모니터 GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 서라운드 뷰 모니터

    Surround view monitor (SVM)

    4 HD cameras mounted on the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle show the surroundings in real time through the AVN screen. Markings on the video show distance from obstacles in the front and the back, and video projections of the back show the vehicle’s anticipated trajectory while moving in reverse.

GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 헤드업 디스플레이

9-airbag system

Advanced airbags in the driver and front seats regulate the degree of inflation and timing of
deployment according to the occupant’s weight, position, and force of collision. 9airbags, including
a driver’s knee airbag, front and rear side airbags, and curtain airbags, minimize injuries.

GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 9 에어백 시스템

Server-based speech recognition system

A server-based speech recognition service that uses Kakao’s integrated AI platform (Kakao I)
replaces the cumbersome process of navigating through the navigation screen to search for
business names, addresses, and nearby gas stations with simple voice recognition.

※ Kakao I is Kakao’s integrated AI platform that combines diverse technologies such as voice engine, visual engine,
speech engine, and recommended engine.

GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 서버형 음성인식 시스템
GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 서버형 음성인식 시스템
  • GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 스마트폰 커넥티비티(Apple CarPlay, 미러링크 지원) GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 스마트폰 커넥티비티(Apple CarPlay, 미러링크 지원)

    Smartphone connectivity (Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink support)

    An integrated infotainment system connects with smartphones to enable use of smartphone functions (navigation, audio, telephone, etc.).

    ※ Apple CarPlay™ is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

  • GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 앞좌석 스마트폰 무선 충전 시스템

    Wireless smartphone charging system

    Smartphones can be conveniently charged without connecting wires and drivers who vacate the vehicle without their smartphones are given an alert.

    ※ Compatibility between the Smartphone wireless charging system and specific smartphone models has to be verified with the manufacturer.

GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 서버형 음성인식 시스템

Lexicon premium sound

15 Lexicon speakers with the latest QuantumLogic surround sound technology are
positioned optimally for the best acoustic performance. Real stainless steel midrange
speaker grilles reproduce a clear voice range that is close to the original sound.
Subwoofers installed on the bottom of the driver’s seat and front seat provide the
deepest and richest bass sound experience.

GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 렉시콘 프리미엄 사운드
  • GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 인텔리전트 운전석 시트

    Intelligent driver’s seat

    An 8-way power seat, 4-way power lumbar support, 2-way power bolster, and 2-way electric cushion extension optimize seat adjustments to conform to the driver’s body and posture and maximize comfort. Seat positions are displayed on the AVN screen for more convenient operation.

  • GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 스마트 자세제어 시스템

    Smart posture control system

    Seat, steering wheel, outside mirror and head-up display positions are automatically adjusted by feeding the driver’s biometric information (height, seated height, and weight) into the system, which also analyzes the driver’s driving posture. Health-related information, such as lumbar load and strain under the present driving posture can also be checked at any moment.

GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 렉시콘 프리미엄 사운드

Seat folding system (6:4 type)

Ergonomic seat design provides a comfortable ride in long distance travel. A practical, 6:4 split,
rear seat folding function facilitates the loading of long leisure equipment or bulky luggage.

GENESIS G70 Technology Features - 뒷좌석 6:4 접이식 시트