Driving pleasure doubled with electric vehicle technologyDriving pleasure doubled with electric vehicle technology

All New Innovative ExperienceAll New Innovative Experience

Introducing The Genesis Electrified G80 Technology

A variety of features of the Infotainment System and Genesis Touch Controller touch the soul with premium sound quality while the comfortable seat rests the mind. Daily life is filled by inspiration born out of luxury and more. A variety of features of the Infotainment System and Genesis Touch Controller touch the soul with premium sound quality while the comfortable seat rests the mind. Daily life is filled by inspiration born out of luxury and more.


Considerate technology has the power to change your everyday life in a special way.




Convenience is doubled by allowing the driver to control the air conditioner, window and trunk lid using voice commands.


For your convenience, Electrified G80 allows you to make a payment in the vehicle without actual card by registering your card through Carpay application.


The latest maps and software are updated automatically, and the augmented reality navigation, using the front camera provides more intuitive and convenient directions.

genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-Infotainment-02-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-Infotainment-02-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg
genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-Infotainment-03-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-Infotainment-03-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg
genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-Infotainment-04-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-Infotainment-04-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg


Genesis Touch ControllerGenesis Touch Controller

Instead of dealing with complicated keyboard input and the hassle of repetitively tapping the screen, the Genesis Touch Controller allows quick and easy control of the Infotainment System. Write the name of a place or person, and the handwriting recognition feature will give the desired destination or phone number, right away.

12.3" 3D Cluster12.3" 3D Cluster

The 3D cluster’s large high-definition TFT LCD boasts a distinctive design while providing a variety of content depending on the drive mode. The driver’s eye trajectory is read with the cluster’s built-in camera, displaying 3D information that is easily read from any angle.

genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-wood-garnish-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-wood-garnish-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg
genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-3d-cluster-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-3d-cluster-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg


genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-head-up-display-desktop-1640x720-ko.jpg genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-head-up-display-desktop-1640x720-ko.jpg
genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-touch-controller-desktop-1640x720-ko.jpg genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-touch-controller-desktop-1640x720-ko.jpg
genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-check-rear-seat-desktop-1640x720-ko.jpg genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-check-rear-seat-desktop-1640x720-ko.jpg

This 12” high-definition widescreen displays a vivid navigation screen, easily viewed during the day or night, with important information on the driver assistance system and crossroads.

Passengers in the second row can control the HVAC separately with the touch feature and enjoy clean air thanks to the fine particle sensor, pre-filter, and high-performing anti-bacterial/combi filter.

The radar determines the presence of rear seat passengers and warns the driver with cluster warning messages and warning sounds when the driver turns off the engine and opens the door.


ERGO motion driver seats ERGO motion driver seats

This ergonomic seat system utilizes seven air-cells inside the seat for a comfortable ride, providing enhanced side support in connection with the driving mode or vehicle speed. Also, a stretch mode is provided through the individual control of air-cells in the seat cushion.


The Electrified G80 presents a new level of comfortable ride and convenience. The Electrified G80 presents a new level of comfortable ride and convenience.

Digital Service Digital Service

Genesis Digital KeyGenesis Digital Key

The digital key can lock or unlock the door, start the engine, activate an emergency alarm remotely from a 10m distance, and can easily be shared with family and friends. ** The GENESIS digital key app is compatible with Android smartphones equipped with the following - Android operating system version 7.0 (Nougat, released Aug. 22, 2016) or newer, and Bluetooth (BLE) 4.2 or newer.

* The app’s services are limited on iPhones as Apple Inc.’s policy does not support NFC. The app is anticipated to be available via iPhones when Apple changes its corporate policy (the NFC card key feature is currently accessible).${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n}

Built-in CamBuilt-in Cam

The image recorder uses high-definition cameras mounted on the front and rear to allow the navigation screen or smartphone to display real-time images or play recorded images. Such images can be downloaded in devices or uploaded on social media.

genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-interior-digital-key-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-interior-digital-key-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg
genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-interior-built-in-cam-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg genesis-kr-technology-g80ev-interior-built-in-cam-desktop-1220x600-ko.jpg

For Rear Passengers

Rear Seat Entertainment SystemRear Seat Entertainment System

The 9.2” dual monitors in the back provide rear passengers with the best entertainment experience, even on a long journey. Each monitor is independent, creating a custom entertainment environment for rear passengers. Touch panels ensure easier operation, and the tilt feature allows the angle to be adjusted to suit the passenger’s eye level.


Lexicon 17 Speaker SystemLexicon 17 Speaker System

Experience ideal sound with the 17 Lexicon speakers optimally positioned and powered by the latest Quantum Logic Surround technology. Paired with stainless steel grilles delivering crisp and clear projection, the subwoofers on the central tunnel offer an immersive listening experience with rich bass.