Sensational in every sense of the word.

The Drive of a Lifetime

Introducing G70 gallery

With a combination of sumptuous comfort and impeccable performance, the G70 is the ideal sedan for enthusiastic drivers.

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Athletically powerful, the G70 is rightly ambitious in both performance and appearance. It’s a vehicle designed to satisfy.

G70 Exterior

From its height, ground clearance, window angles to drag-proof under cover, this vehicle is engineered with speed and efficiency at its core. Step into a body that’s best in its class.

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  1. Full LED Headlamps

    Wide hood lines carve character into the front of the G70, highlighting its equally eye-catching headlamps.

  2. Dual Mufflers

    The G70’s robust bumpers sport provocative dual mufflers designed to amplify your driving experience. Always leave with effect*.

  3. Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist

    The G70 has complete awareness of your surroundings. Combining radar and camera data, its FCA system automatically applies the brakes if necessary when it detects a dangerous or sudden stop from the car ahead or pedestrians on the road.

  4. Low Beam Assist-Dynamic

    Superb at reducing blind spots, these headlamps automatically move with your steering direction for perfectly safe night drives.

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G70 Interior

Inside, the impressive engine balances power and silence to maximize your driving pleasure. Settle into refined upholstery and enjoy ergonomic controls that put you in charge of the exhilarating action.

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  1. 8-Speed Automatic Transmission

    Whether cruising or accelerating, the 8-speed automatic transmission supplies a smooth response you’ll barely notice.

  2. Nappa Leather and Aluminum Accents

    Delicately stitched fine Nappa leather and exquisite real aluminum finishes create a spectacle for the senses. Allow the G70’s immersive interior to place you within a space of total driving bliss.

  3. Electronically Controlled Suspension (ECS)

    Light-weight and electronically-controlled, the G70’s sports suspension delivers a delightful balance of stability and comfort.*

  4. Server-based Speech Recognition System

    Enjoy the versatility of hands-free navigation. Using server-based speech recognition through Kakao’s integrated AI platform (Kakao I*), select and search through names, addresses, and your nearest gas stations with the ease of voice.

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