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G90 Specifications

Discover The Genesis G90

With extraordinary attention given to the smallest of details, elegance is in every aspect of the G90 — seen best in person.


Take a Closer Look

Comfort, safety and style are intrinsic to the G90’s interior and exterior design. This is a backseat experience built with you at its heart.


G-Matrix Crest GrilleG-Matrix Crest Grille

The signature G-Matrix Crest Grille is the centerpiece of the G90’s silhouette. Geometric lines combine with gliding body in a design that is seamless, intentional and artfully balanced.

Passing Beauty

Side Profile

The G90’s gliding side profile strikes the perfect proportions. Equal parts sporty and elegant, it captures the timeless beauty of Genesis’ design ethos, making it a sensational sight to behold.


Multi-Spoke WheelMulti-Spoke Wheel

Genesis G90 introduces a new 19-inch multi-spoke wheel that reflects the G-Matrix pattern.

Special Edition:
The G90 Stardust
Special Edition:
The G90 Stardust

G90 STARDUST arrives specifically for this year, taking inspiration from a scene with night sky full of stars hanging above a red carpet event where celebrities are showered with flashing camera lights.


Active Noise Control

Leading audio technology reduces engine noise intrusion and regulates sound for a peaceful, ambient interior. Sit back in serenity as the G90 insulates your drive from the noise of the engine.

genesis-kr-overview-g90-semi-aniline-leather-seats-11-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-overview-g90-semi-aniline-leather-seats-11-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-overview-g90-b-pillar-mood-lamps-12-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-overview-g90-b-pillar-mood-lamps-12-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
genesis-kr-overview-g90-one-touch-posture-control-system-13-desktop-940x900-en.jpg genesis-kr-overview-g90-one-touch-posture-control-system-13-desktop-940x900-en.jpg
Genesis G90 Limousine
Semi-Aniline Leather Seats

Sit back into the natural comfort of soft semi-aniline leather seats, each swatched with the heightened look and feel genuine leather. For added relaxation, integrated four-way power leg support allows you to find an even more comfortable position.

B-Pillar Mood Lamps, Magazine Pocket

Rear mood lamps offer seven ambient hues, providing a comfortable atmosphere for every occasion. Subtle yet spacious magazine pockets give plenty of room for storing books and newspapers.

One-Touch Posture Control System

Choose between Relax, Video-watching, and Reading mode at the touch of a button and ensure you have the optimal posture at all times.



This system automatically dims the high-beam headlights when the system detects an oncoming vehicle. This feature is achieved by a series of individual LEDs which can turn up or dim on-demand, ensuring that other drivers are never blinded by overly bright lights.



The G90 users a front-mounted radar sensor to detect the distance of the car ahead, automatically adjusting its speed to the vehicles around you. Stop And Go function is included.

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A combination of power and stability delivers a drive of true comfort and confidence.A combination of power and stability delivers a drive of true comfort and confidence.