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Discover the Genesis GV80

The GV80, the first SUV by Genesis, begins a new journey with its unique athletic elegance, progressive philosophy and vision inspired by you.

Take a closer look

The Genesis GV80, featuring the Genesis brand's innovative design and its future direction, proudly shows the elegance and confidence of luxury.

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  1. Crest Grille

    The signature design of Genesis, Crest Grille, symbolizes the pride of being a luxury brand.

  2. Quadlamps

    Technically, as the slimmest headlamps, from the front to the side turn signal, and to the rear combination lamps, the car is connected in a horizontal layout. These create the unique image of Genesis when lights are on and allow intuitive recognition of Genesis even at a distance.

  3. Wide Stance

    The GV80’s prominent stature doesn’t just take the stage, it sets it with its horizontal layout from the grille to the lamps creating stable stance.. Its strong yet elegant side profile makes a lasting impression, with a sleek fender and bold, dominating wheels. This SUV possesses the most balanced  proportions.

  4. Shift-by-Wire Transmission

    Especially designed and built for the central console, the shift-by-wire rotatable transmission dial is elegantly transparent and trimmed with jewel finishes supporting intuitive opreation.

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Parking Collision Avoidance Assist

If a pedestrian or obstruction is detected from the rear when parking or driving out in reverse, the vehicle controls braking with a warning tone to minimize the risk of a collision.


Genesis Touch Controller

Write your way to the next destination. Using the center control panel’s interactive and intuitive Genesis touch controller, use your handwriting for swifter usability*

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  1. Active Road Noise Control

    As the world’s first vehicle featuring Active Road Noise Control technology, the GV80 minimizes noise from the road surface coming into the vehicle. Using accelerometers and microphones, it detects noise coming into the cabin and releases reverse phase soundwaves through speakers inside the vehicle to create a quiet ambience.

  2. Genesis Digital Key

    You can use the digital key on your smartphone. Share your digital key to your needs, family or acquaintances.

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All-Wheel Drive with E-LSD

Genesis GV80 uses AWD systems and electronic slip differentials(E-LSD) to distribute the optimum drive power to various terrain and driving conditions, ensuring stable traction and excellent off-road performance.

Configure Your GV80

Build Your Genesis

YOUR GENESIS allows you to design your own vehicles like a tailor-made suit. Based on the basic trim of the engine, you can choose exterior, interior and various advanced features to meet your needs perfectly.

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