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OTA Software Update for Genesis GV60/G90


We are implementing OTA Software update for Genesis GV60/G90.

○ GV60 ‘Driving Assistance Package 1, Enhanced Remote Vehicle Diagnostics Feature’ Update (‘22. 2/21 ~)
○ GV60 ‘User authentication system and convenience feature’ update (‘22. 3/29 ~)
○ G90 'Free repair of Integrated Body control Unit (IBU)' update ('22. 6/16 ~)
○ G90 'Digital key 2, Built-in Cam' update ('22. 6/27 ~)

If you have not received these updates, please check below before proceeding:

  1. 1. If you have connected any other device to the diagnostic communication terminal under the driver's seat, the update function will not work due to interference in vehicle internal communication.
    Disconnect the device from the diagnostic communication terminal under the driver's seat, turn on the engine, and turn off the engine after at 5 minutes.
    (Do not connect any device to the diagnostic communication terminal under the driver's seat while an OTA Software update is in progress.)

  2. 2. The update may not proceed due to any electronic device (dash cam, etc.) other than the genuine device (built-in cam, etc.).
    (The dark current caused by the dash cam installation interferes with 12V battery calibration.)
    You can calibrate the battery as follows. After calibration, the OTA Software update works normally.

[ How to calibrate 12V battery ]

  1. 1) Other device connected to the vehicle diagnostic connector (located at the bottom left of the driver's seat crush pad) may interfere with vehicle communication, so please remove the device.
  2. 2) If a non-genuine dash cam is installed, turn off the engine and disconnect the dash cam.
  3. 3) Park the car for at least 4 hours with the power turned off.
  4. 4) After the battery calibration is completed, drive the car for about 30 minutes. When you turn off the engine, a notification for OTA Software update is displayed. If you select OK, the OTA Software update will proceed normally.
  5. After the update is complete, you can reconnect the dash cam in the vehicle.

  6. [Remove any device from the diagnostic connector]

Please contact Genesis Customer Center if you need help in proceeding with the OTA Software update.

※ Genesis Customer Center: 080-700-6000