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G90 ‘Highway Driving Assist 2’, ‘Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control’ OTA Software Update


Dear G90 drivers.

OTA software update designed to add new convenience features will be released in sequence from Apr. 05, 2023.
As the OTA software update is to be performed sequentially, update start and finish timing may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

■ Update release date : Apr. 05, 2023 ~
■ Applicable vehicle: G90
■ Update highlight

OTA Software Update
‘Highway Driving Assist 2’ Update When highway lane change assist of HDA 2 is activated, the warning display for the risk of collision has been changed to not only display on the instrument cluster but also illuminate warning light on the side view mirror.
Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control Update 1) Automatic deceleration feature on highway safety zone:
① Changes have been made to control the average speed without a sharp deceleration compared to the previous one, considering the remaining distance in the average speed limit zone.
② A mini-pop-up called 'Drive carefully' has been added if the speed limit is expected to be exceeded even when controlled to the maximum deceleration in the average speed limit zone.
2) Automatic deceleration feature on freeway ramp:
A mini-pop-up called 'Drive carefully' has been added before entering the public road from the highway and motorway.

※ Offline updating in a Hi-Tech Center or Blue Hands may incur additional charges.

[Notes on over-the-air (OTA) update]

  • 1. If the battery has been removed and then attached, you can update the vehicle after turning off the ignition, disconnecting the power from the additionally installed dash cam, etc., and parking for more than 4 hours.
  • 2. If any product is connected to the vehicle OBD terminal, the update function will not work due to interference in the vehicle internal communication.

    After disconnecting the device from the vehicle OBD terminal, turn on the engine and wait for at least 5 minutes, then turn off the engine.
    (Do not connect any device to the OBD terminal during the wireless update.)

We hope the Highway Driving Assist 2 and Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control Update will make your driving experience more convenient and safer!

Thank you.