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G90 Integrated Body Unit (IBU) - Notice of free repair


This notice is sent to you in accordance with Article 32-2 of the Motor Vehicle Management Act of Korea.

First of all, Hyundai would like to sincerely thank you for your interest and support.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this free repair.
We plan to voluntarily carry out free repairs as follows to prevent potential disruption to the operation of your vehicle in advance.

In your vehicle produced and sold by our company, there is a possibility of intermittent remote start failure under certain conditions due to software errors inside the integrated body control device, so we conduct free repair to take action.

1. Free repair information

Free repair information table
A Vehicle model G90 (RS4)
B Date of manufacture 2021.12/08 ~ 2023.09/12
C Device or part Integrated Body Unit (IBU)
D Cause IBU Internal software error

2. Details of free repair

Details of free repair table
A Free repair period Sep. 25, 2023 ~
B Method of repair IBU upgrade (OTA update)
※ GCS: Genesis Connected Services
※ OTA (Over-The-Air) update : Wireless update technology for vehicle controller
C Time required IBU update: about 25 minutes.
D Location and department in charge GCS-opened vehicles: Wireless (OTA) update is available, center and Bluehands are not required
GCS unopened vehicles: at Hyundai Motor High-tech center or Bluehands
E Cost Free of charge
F Impact on the vehicle if no action is taken Possibility of intermittent remote start failure under certain conditions

3. Additional information

  • A. This free repair will be conducted through OTA (Over The Air) sequentially for customers who are using Genesis Connected Services (GCS).
    Customers who have completed the OTA update do not need to bring their vehicles to the direct high-tech center or Bluehands.
    If you have any questions, please contact the Genesis Customer Center.
  • B. We provide free home-to-home service when you put the vehicle into the service network. For details, please contact the Genesis Customer Center.
    - You may bring the vehicle to the service network yourself.
  • C. During wireless updates, locking via smartphone keys, NFC card keys, and door buttons may temporarily be disabled.
  • D. Inquiries and reservations: Genesis Customer Center (080-700-6000)

4. Other information the manufacturer wants to add

※ Notice to vehicle leasing companies and car rental companies ※

Upon receipt of this customer notice, please deliver it to the actual user without delay or receive a free repair yourself.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Hyundai Motor Company will do its best to make more perfect products.

5. OTA (Over-the-Air) Update Procedure

The following procedure will be followed for wireless OTA updates to ensure quality and stability. Please understand that the update will be conducted in stages over a certain period of time. For more information, please refer to the owner's manual or contact Hyundai Motor Company Customer Center.

QR Code - Over the Air Update (OTA) Introduction

Step 1 : S/W download (vehicle moving)

Software file automatic download in progress during vehicle operation

※Different timing of software download depending on the vehicle

※Check download progress: Setting ▶ General ▶ SW info/update

Step 2 : Update approval (IG off)

After the file download is completed, an update pop-up window will appear when the engine is turned off

※Activate button when the following conditions are met
▲lgnition OFF ▲Parking brake on ▲Gear P position ▲Hood closed ▲External lamp off ▲Sufficient battery

Step 3 : Update completed (ACC on)

Display notification upon completion of update

※ Check update details : Setting ▶ System info ▶ Major Update

※ Notes on over-the-air (OTA) update

  • A. If the battery has been removed and then attached, you can update the vehicle after turning off the ignition, disconnecting the power from the additionally installed dash cam, etc., and parking for more than 4 hours.
  • B. If any product is connected to the diagnostic communication terminal under the driver's seat, the update function will not work due to interference in the vehicle internal communication.

    Wireless downloading will begin when you start the engine after disconnecting the device from the diagnostic communication terminal under the driver's seat. If you turn off the engine after driving the car for more than 30 minutes, the update is performed.
    (Do not connect any device to the diagnostic communication terminal under the driver's seat during the wireless update.)