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As our name implies, Genesis embraces creation. We believe that every drive deserves to be a discovery.

Our Vision and Mission

We strive to create the finest automobiles and related products and services for connoisseurs around the world and to make a positive difference to our customers’ lives.

Our Way

Thinking of new paths and exploring in a thoughtful way is our pioneering way to creating something truly compelling.


Athletic elegance

Audacious, Progressive and Distinctly Korean, The Genesis brand identity is defined by these three words. Just like a chef preparing a memorable dish, the perfect balance between Athletic and Elegance define the design experience exclusive to Genesis.

Design starts with the brand, design is the brand.


Genesis Emblem

The first impression begins from the Genesis emblem. Unique in the industry, the emblem contains the face of every Genesis.

At a Glance

Genesis Design


The Genesis signature Crest grill is inspired by the emblem’s crest, emphasizing the distinct identity of Genesis.

The Quad lights are inspired by the wings of the emblem. When viewed from the side, the iconic two lines clearly display the Genesis identity whether day or night.

A single line defines the side. We call this the Parabolic line and perfectly highlights the reductive design that elevates the purity of the Athletic Elegance design philosophy.

Inspired by Korean architecture, “Beauty of White Space” defines the interior design. Perfectly balancing personal space and state of the art technology.

Models & Line-up

We constantly seek new avenues to create aspiring products through mindful innovation that connect our customers to the brand and the world.
Discover Our Models

Lifestyle Brand

Genesis provides new opportunities to create memorable moments both on the road and in our daily lives. The start of this relationship is an everlasting one and it is also the source of our inspiration and evolution.



Genesis Space highlights the car as the hero and offers a variety of experiences including concept car exhibition, curation and test drive of Genesis vehicles.

Our Journey

Our journey has just begun and we are constantly pushing forward the boundaries in an infinite yet mindful ways to creating new journeys.

Join Us

Join us in our Genesis journey as we continue to connect with our customers around the world.