Financing & Leasing

How to purchase a Genesis

Financing your new car with Genesis is simple, Genesis Finance have a range of products and offers which can be personalised to suit your needs.

Cash payment

To pay cash, the buyer transfers the total amount due to Genesis Motor Deutschland GmbH before delivery. Once the payment is received, the vehicle registration document and new car will be handed over to the buyer.

Kilometre Leasing

Kilometer leasing, also known as "leasing with mileage restriction" or "mileage contract," means the monthly lease payment is calculated based on the expected mileage of the vehicle.

Key aspects of Kilometre Leasing

Lease mileage limit:

At the beginning of the lease contract, a mileage limit is established. This is the maximum number of kilometers the vehicle can be driven during the contract period. For example, 10,000 kilometers per year.

Lease contract duration

The length of the lease is agreed between the lessee (the customer) and the lessor (the leasing company). Typical contract periods are between one and five years.

Lease monthly payments

The monthly lease payments are calculated based on the agreed mileage limit and the expected depreciation of the vehicle over the contract period and the. The higher the expected mileage, the higher the monthly payment may be.

Exceeding the lease mileage limit

If the lessee exceeds the agreed mileage limit, additional mileage costs may apply. These costs are usually calculated per extra kilometer and are specified in the contract.

Vehicle return

At the end of the contract period, the lessee returns the vehicle. The lessor checks the vehicle's mileage and assesses its condition according to the agreed-upon return conditions. Any damage or excessive wear and tear may result in additional costs.

Balloon Financing

Balloon financing is also known as "residual value financing" or "balloon payment financing" is a method of financing motor vehicles. The regular payments are lower with a larger lump sum final payment, the "balloon" payment.

How Balloon financing works

Loan approval

The lender (typically a bank or financial institution) approves a loan amount for the borrower (the customer) to purchase the vehicle. This loan amount is usually based on the vehicle's purchase price minus any deposit or equity the borrower contributes.

Monthly installments

During the term of the balloon financing, the borrower makes monthly installments consisting of interest and principal payments. These installments are meant to gradually repay the majority of the loan amount over the term.

Balloon payment

Unlike other financing methods, balloon financing involves a larger final payment known as the balloon payment, which becomes due at the end of the term. This balloon payment typically represents the estimated residual value of the vehicle. The borrower has the option to either pay off the balloon payment in full or refinance it.

End balloon financing, the borrower has options

a. Pay in full: The borrower can pay the balloon payment in full and own the vehicle.

b. Refinancing: The borrower can refinance the balloon payment or arrange for additional financing to continue making installment payments toward the balloon amount.

c. Return the vehicle: If specified in the contract, the borrower can return the vehicle to the lender. In this case, no payment of the balloon payment is required, but there may be costs associated with excessive wear and tear or damage.

d. Sell the vehicle: The borrower can sell the vehicle and use the proceeds to settle the balloon payment.

It's important to note that the amount of the balloon payment and the contract terms will depend on the specific financing company. It is advisable to carefully review the contract terms and consider financial capabilities to ensure the balloon payment can be paid or refinanced.

Linear Loan

A linear loan for motor vehicles works similarly to a conventional linear loan for other purposes. Here's a description of how a linear loan for motor vehicles functions.

How a linear loan functions 

Loan approval

The lender (usually a bank or financial institution) approves a specified loan amount for the borrower (the customer) to purchase the vehicle. 

Loan term

The loan term agreed between the lender and the borrower can range from several months to several years, depending on the agreement.

Monthly Instalments

In a linear loan, the monthly installments remain constant throughout the loan term. The total loan amount is evenly distributed across the monthly installments, resulting in equal principal and interest payments each month. WIth each payment, the loan balance decreases.

Loan repayment

The borrower pays the agreed monthly installment to the lender. As this is a linear loan, the repayment amount remains the same for the entire term of the loan. Consequently, the loan balance decreases with each payment.

Loan Completion

At the end of the loan term and upon full repayment of the loan, ownership of the vehicle fully transfers to the borrower.

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