Concept cars

Inspired, Genesis

A vision of Genesis

Genesis concept cars help to represent our progressive design philosophy and vision. In developing them, we explore what luxury automotive mobility will look like in the new electric future.


Genesis Neolun Concept

Unveil the magic of "The Genesis Neolun Concept" – a nod to our enduring fascination with the moon's mesmerizing rise. Join us in embracing the electrifying times as we push ahead with state-of-the-art technologies, in perfect harmony with Genesis design principles and fueled by futuristic inspiration.

Genesis Neolun Concept SUV in front of the coast exterior front view
Four orange Genesis Magma Concept cars side by side - side view outdoors


Genesis Magma

Discover the Genesis Magma Program, an exciting opportunity to redefine high-performance vehicles. Experience the G80 Magma Special, GV60 Magma Concept, GV80 Coupe Concept, and X Gran Berlinetta Concept as they push boundaries, blending speed with unparalleled driving experiences. Prioritizing comfort and joy, they ignite a new era of sporty driving, carefully crafted with both technological and aesthetic elements in mind.

Genesis Concept 2024

Genesis GV70 Snow

This elevated GV70 has superlative off-road capability to conquer the worst conditions in luxurious comfort. A one-of-a-kind concept built with Paris-Dakar experts Delta 4x4.

White GV70 Snow Concept front view on snow against a mountain backdrop
Genesis X Snow Speedium drives on snow in the mountains

X Snow Speedium Concept

Drawn from the untouched snow, encounter the Genesis X Snow Speedium, capturing the distinctive dynamic grace of Genesis, mirrored in the winter's beauty.

Genesis Concept 2022

Genesis X Convertible Concept

The Genesis X Convertible Concept introduced the third model in the ‘X Concept Series’ and the brand’s first convertible concept.

The Genesis X Convertible in white outdoors from the front at an angle
Genesis X Speedium in black from the side

Genesis Concept 2022

Genesis X Speedium Coupé Concept

This beautiful concept car evokes iconic GT styling. It delivers the emotional pull of driving sports cars, now in the era of electrification.

Genesis Concept 2021

Genesis X Concept

Genesis X Concept is a high-performance electric GT coupe concept car. We see our future as one of sustainable luxury.

Genesis X Concept outside - front side view