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Your daily life will feel special the moment you select GENESIS.

Your choice will always be critical as only GENESIS owner can experience the Connoisseur lifestyle content and progressive service being the first and most ideal experience.

Service Target

All services including free warranty services are provided on a limited basis to customers making their first and second purchases.
* GENESIS Members: Individual/ corporate customers who purchased vehicles, individual/ corporate customers who have subscribed to rental/ lease services.

Warranty Period

Free Warranty for 5 Years or 100,000km whichever comes first : Chassis / general parts and key components of engine / powertrain systems.


- Free Replacement of Standard Maintenance Parts for 3 Years or 60,000km whichever comes first : Engine oil set and four key consumables.
- Free 5-year connected Service / OTA update(Over-The-Air)
- 3-year or 60,000km whichever comes first : Home-to-Home service.
※ Service Count and Criteria: According to the manufacturer’s replacement standard, can vary depending on vehicle type.

GV80 이용 혜택 구분, 소모품 교환에 대한 정보를 제공한 표입니다
Category 2.5T 3.5T 3.0D
Consumables replacement Engine oil set Engine oil 6 times 6 times 3 times
Oil filter 6 times 6 times 3 times
Air cleaner 6 times 6 times 3 times
Consumables Air conditioner filter 3 times 3 times 3 times
Brake pad (front) 1 time 1 time 1 time
Wiper blade 2 times 2 times 2 times
Break Oil 1 time 1 time 1 time
Extra service Home-to-Home 6 times 6 times 3 times

How to Use

Step 1. Contact in advance

- An MMS is sent to notify you of regularly scheduled consumables replacement time and service booking.
(Based on Genesis Connected Services mileage)

Step 2. Replacement of consumables

- An appointment can be scheduled through the GENESIS Customer Center (080-700-6000) or you can visit
Blue Hands or a service center directly.

GENESIS Connected Services

Utilizing state-of-the-art vehicle IT, you can use GENESIS more conveniently and safely.

  • Remote Control
    The status of your car can be checked and controlled anywhere, anytime using a smartphone. (Engine on / off, door lock / unlock, room temperature control,
    wheel / rear window heating, etc.)

    ‘A hot air conditioner or heater works easily before going to hot summer, cold winter parking lot’
    ‘Checking status remotely in case of any doubt if the door was locked or not, locking door remotely’
  • Connected Road Directions
    It reflects real-time traffic conditions on busy roads, allowing you to drive quickly and safely to your desired destination.
  • Safety
    Be prepared for emergencies through in-vehicle communication equipment. (Deployment of airbags, signaling to emergency rescue center, and prompt
    vehicle accident management)
  • Vehicle Management
    It is a service that allows you to check the status of the vehicle and mileage through the vehicle IT system, and to safely manage my vehicle.
  • OTA update(Over-The-Air)
    The Latest version of navigation software and maps will be automatically updated when the vehicle engine is on

Genesis Butler service Personal and smart care provided through your own personal service manager for your stress-free driving.

  • Service eligibility
    Individual buyer of a Genesis Vehicle
  • Service providers
    Dedicated Genesis Blue Hands shops (450 locations)
    (Genesis service manager selected for each provider)
  • How to designate a Genesis service manager
    New vehicle buyer)
    Three days after delivery, the Genesis Customer Center provides information on the Genesis Butler service and assigns a personal Blue Hands/service manager to each customer

    Previous vehicle buyer)
    Call the Genesis Customer Center to inquire about the Genesis Butler service

    ※ Upon initial assignment, the dedicated provider/manager may be changed after contacting the Genesis Customer Center
  • Genesis service manager’s vehicle service
    - Notify the customer in advance of the consumables to replace within the warranty period
    - Advance call and booking assistance if there is a fault code
    - Personal assistance when the customer brings the vehicle
    - Routine assistance for questions about the vehicle (weekdays 09:00- 18:00)

  • Service inquiry
    - Genesis Customer Center 080-700-6000

Regular maintenance Up to 8 complimentary maintenance services will be provided for all vehicles for 8 years after their initial purchase.

  • Annual inspection service
    · 1st ~ 2nd year – Regular vehicle maintenance
    · 3rd year – Regular vehicle maintenance + chassis and electrical system maintenance
    · 4th year – Regular vehicle maintenance
    · 5th year – Regular vehicle maintenance + engine and transmission maintenance
    · 6th ~ 8th year – Regular vehicle maintenance
  • Routine inspection history management
    After the service is provided, routine inspection statement will be issued and the history of routine inspections can be checked through Blue Member’s Homepage and My Car Story (APP).
  • Periodic inspection period
    Based on the first shipment date, goods can be shipped until the end of the next shipment month

    ※ However, the next annual routine inspection is not possible for 30 days based on the date of the final routine inspection.

    Example) Vehicle Factory March 7, 2017
    1st Year Routine Inspection: March 7, 2017 - March 31, 2018
    2nd Year Routine Inspection: April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019

    *The non-warranty repairs out of the total confirmed repairs can be available for repair service as per customer’s choice

Corporate Service Center/Blue Hands You may redeem or earn points for general repair services.

  • Guide
    Redeem Blue Members Points for general repair costs (Depending on total points, a maximum of 1 million points can be redeemed annually) Only applicable for general repair services of the car that are registered under the same name

Reservation Making a reservation means vehicle maintenance services will be provided once you arrive away, without any wait time.

  • Service Guide
    Telephone Reservation
    Find the telephone reservation line number for your preferred corporate center via area search. (Available reservation dates and time differ, depending on location)

    Online Reservation
    Make a reservation online/ only available for reservations made at least 24 hours in advance (excludes Saturdays and holidays)

Home-to-Home Service An advanced pick-up and drop-off service at locations of the owner's choice! (Two locations may differ.)

  • Service Guide
    Service Charges
    · Basic Distance Pick-up & Delivery: 20,000 KRW,
    · Exceeding the basic distance coverage of 7km incurs an additional 1,000 KRW per km

    How to Apply
    GV80 Customer Center 080-700-6000 (Reservations made at least 1 day in advance)
  • Genesis Mobility care benefit
    - Free coupon for mobility care home to home service within the warranty period (3 years / 60,000 km)
    - Pick-up / delivery / pick-up and delivery service available (1 time deduction)
    - 1,000 won per km if the one-way basic distance exceeds 12km (pick up / delivery service respectively)
    GV80 모빌리티 케어 이용혜택에 대한 정보를 제공한 표입니다
    Offer6 times6 times3 times
    Standard3years / 60,000km3years / 60,000km3years / 60,000km

Preventive Visiting Service An advanced visitation service that prevents possible vehicle issues to ensure it is fully functional and safe

  • Service Criteria
    Perform the basic functionality test and provide repair consultation to ensure safety on the road Complimentary replacement of minor expendable components and refill oil/antifreeze liquid Interior disinfection/deodorization service, tire pressure check.

Warranty We provide repair services during the warranty period.

  • Guide
    Any vehicle that had regularly received inspection and maintenance, had been used casually as recommended in the instruction manual, and is still in the warranty period, may receive complimentary repair service in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions if the issue has been identified as a material or factory defect.
    ※ For details about the warranty terms and conditions, please refer to the vehicle instruction manual.

Emergency Service If your vehicle breaks down on the road and it is still under warranty, we will be there.

  • Service Guide
    · Repair minor issues on the spot
    · Provide basic repair techniques and car management skills
    · Drop off the vehicle at the designated repair center if necessary
    · Complimentary emergency services will be extended to 6 years after the initial purchase of the vehicle for Blue Members
    (except for issues due to client's negligence, such as insufficient fuel, locked doors, or flat tires)
  • Emergency Service Process

Complimentary Accident Vehicle Pick-up Service A 24-hour complimentary pick-up service is available for accident or damaged vehicles.

  • Service Guide
    How to Request
    GENESIS Customer Center (ARS 1 after connecting 080-700-6000)

    · 24-hour complimentary pick-up service (10km): Only from service center and Blue Hands -Pick-up: Complimentary pick-up service for up to 10km (charges may apply for additional distance)
    · Complimentary pick-up service unavailable for minor accidents -damage to the side mirror, tire, windows, and sunroof -unavailable if the vehicle still moves (bumper or body damage and scratches)

    Contact Hyundai Motor Company
    When an accident occurs, stay calm and immediately contact the emergency service department of GENESIS Customer Center (ARS 1 after connecting 080-700-6000) to provide us with detailed information such as the date and time of the accident, location, status, vehicle condition, victim's plate number, etc.
    Contact Hyundai Motor Company when accidents occur, and we will quickly provide a vehicle pick-up service or other necessary services to take care of the situation.

    Victim Relief
    After contacting GENESIS Customer Center, help the victim first. In the event of an injury, call 911 and perform possible first aid, and keep the victim safe.
    Road Traffic Act Clause 50 Article 1: If a person or an object is injured or damaged by the vehicle, the driver and other passengers of the the vehicle must stop the vehicle and take necessary measures to relieve the victim.

    Secure evidence and witnesses
    After victim relief has been carried out, secure as many witnesses as possible and save their contact information. Mark the positions of the wheels with a spray, etc. and take photos of the accident from different angles. It is recommended to take photos of the interior, such as the dashboard and the seats.

    Police Report
    After the evidence and the witnesses have been secured, move the vehicles to the side of the road to allow for better flow of traffic and call the police. If only material damages are sustained, then it is not necessary to call the police.
    Road Traffic Act Clause 50 Article 2: In situations described in Article 1, the driver must immediately report to the nearest police officer or police station, informing about the location, casualty, the degree of injuries or damages, and other info. However, if it is clear that only the vehicle of the driver has sustained damage and necessary measures have been taken to ensure a better flow of traffic, then reporting is not necessary.

GENESIS Door-to-Door Autocare Service A Hyundai Motors-designated service provider, Blue Hands, visits whenever and wherever you want to change the engine oil and inspect your car.

  • Service eligibility
    - Genesis membership
  • Service choices
    - Engine oils
    - Wiper blades
    - Air conditioner filters

    ※ Your home-to-home and service voucher will be redeemed once you use this service.
  • How to use the service
    - Telephone reservations: Auto Care Service Customer Center 080-600-6000 (At least 1 day before reservation)

    - Internet reservations: The Auto Care Service Customer Center will contact you to confirm the details of the reservation.

    ※ Corporate customers can make a reservation through the Autocare Customer Center.
    · Emergency Service : call #0418
    · GV80, G80, G70 Customers :
    Autocare Customer Center(GENESIS Customer Center)
    ARS 3 after connecting 080-700-6000
    · EQ900 /G90 Customers :
    Autocare Customer Center(Honors G CONCIERGE)
    ARS 2 after connecting 080-900-6000
    ※ Available only in Seoul area

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