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Your daily life will feel special the moment you select GENESIS.

Your choice will always be critical as only GENESIS owner can experience the Connoisseur lifestyle content and progressive service being the first and most ideal experience.

You can select one of the services below according to your preference. When you sign up for membership, you will receive a text message of service details, and you can choose the service yourself. How to apply for privilege service Join Membership You can join Genesis membership through your local branches and dealers.
* Privilege service is only available to customers who have applied within 6 months from the delivery date.
Apply for service After signing up, you can apply for the service directly via mobile page sent with SMS.
* Within 7 days after signing up, SMS will be sent to the mobile number you provided when signing up.
Service information
  • Hotel membership

    If you choose “Hotel Membership,” you can choose one of the following partnered hotels to receive your annual membership service.

    • Shilla Hotel (Seoul) Jung-gu, Seoul
    • Rolling Hills Hotel (Gyeonggi) Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do
    • The Plaza (Seoul) Jung-gu, Seoul
    • Lotte Hotel Busan (Busan) Busan, Jin-gu
    • Grand Walkerhill
      Vista Walkerhill (Seoul)
      Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
    • Paradise Hotel Busan (Busan) Busan Haeundae-gu
    • Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas
      InterContinental Seoul COEX (Seoul)
      Gangnam-gu, Seoul
    • Shilla Hotel (Jeju) Jeju, Seogwipo
    • Paradise City (Incheon) Incheon, Jung-gu
    • Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju (Jeju) Jeju, Seogwipo

    ※ The detailed membership benefits of each partnered hotels will be announced in the guidebook or mobile page which you receive after sign-up, and may differ from the hotel’s existing membership.


    If you choose “ASIANA AIRLINES,” you can receive Asiana Gold Club for 2 years.

    · Earn 20,000 miles when you join · 2 business class lounge passes (valid for 1 year) · Using boarding procedure counter, prioritize your baggage · Additional baggage allowance for domestic and international flights

    ※ There are some differences from existing Asiana club gold member benefits.
    ※ The detailed membership benefits of each partner will be announced in the guidebook or mobile page after sing-up.

  • Art & Culture

    If you choose ‘Art & Culture’, you can choose one of the three benefits below.

    • ‘Art & Culture’ package · Seoul Arts Center Gold Membership (1 piece) · Lotte Concert Hall Vineyard Black membership (1 piece) · Tickets for the Social venue Raum Matinee Concert (2 people/2 tickets) for performances and brunch
    • CGV CINE de CHEF (2 person/ 2 pieces) · Cine de Chef movie and restaurant signature course for 2 people
    • Everland Annual Pass · Everland's annual pass Regular (adult/child one pass for each)

    ※ The detailed membership benefits of each partner will be announced in the guidebook or mobile page after sign-up.

  • Lifestyle subscription

    If you choose ‘Lifestyle Subscription’, you can choose one of the two lifestyle benefits below.

    • Flower subscription (once a month, eight times a year) · Regular delivery of freshly harvested flowers from the farmhouse once a month · ‘Partner with ‘Honest Flower’.
    • Coffee subscription (Twice a month, 24 times a year) · Freshly roasted top quality green beans every month and regular delivery twice a month · Partner with ‘Gabiyang’

    ※ The detailed membership benefits of each partner will be announced in the guidebook or mobile page after sign-up.

  • Premium Car Wash

    If you choose ‘Premium Car Wash’ you can choose one of two options below.

    • Premium Visit Car Wash (6 times) · A professional technician will visit your location to provide premium wash and coating service. · Affiliated with ‘INSTA WASH’.
    • Sonax Premium Premium Car Wash (6 Times) · Sonax Premium Car Wash Service when you visiting designated locations

    ※ The detailed membership benefits of each partner will be announced in the guidebook or mobile page after sing-up.


We’re driven to exceed expectations, not simply meet them.
With Genesis, your privileges extend beyond the comforts of the cabin
to ensure that every need is met.

* You can check the global concierge number from the membership guide
that will be sent to you after purchase of the vehicle.


  • Customized Benefits


    As a valued Genesis owner, our dedication to detail and level of commitment doesn’t end when you leave our showroom.
    Instead, we remain steadfast in providing customized services to fully support you at every turn.



    Before you go Your personal guide

    You dream it, we make it a reality.
    Our dedicated team will customize your travel plans every
    step of the way.
    From flight arrangements and hotel reservations to language
    interpretation and visa preparations, we’ll make it easy for you.

    “This really was a once in a lifetime experience —
    everything went so smoothly from the moment we left to the
    moment we returned!”


    A refinement of taste

    Unwind for the evening and let us handle all the details.
    Our esteemed service provides restaurant information
    so you can select the most suitable venue for the occasion
    and will also help with making the reservations.

    “I asked for the most suitable restaurant with fantastic views
    for an exclusive business engagement.
    What they provided was well beyond what I expected —
    it was the ultimate venue, and one to which I’ll return.”

  • Treat Your Senses


    It’s your life — you live it how you see fit. Our services are tailored around what you value most and
    are designed to put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to dining, the arts, sports and entertainment.

    여인과 전시 사진 이미지


    Support cultural life

    We keep you informed and up-to-date on the latest events
    and concerts tailored to your tastes,
    and will assist with your seating preferences.
    Whether your journey takes you to museums,
    art galleries or local exhibitions,
    we’ll set up an itinerary that will make your visit exceptional.

    “I was recommended an incredible exhibition that really made our trip that much more memorable.”


    Your personal shopping assistant

    We have a sense of what you like.
    Our agents have access to a growing global shopping network
    and will recommend the right products or gifts for that special occasion.

    “I was really floored when they found my watch
    — they really knew my taste.
    Thanks to Genesis Concierge I now own a timepiece that truly reflects who I am. I couldn’t be happier!”

    쇼핑 센터 이미지
  • Personalized Protection


    The comfort and safety of Genesis owners is our top priority.
    From daily healthcare services to disease prevention and medical advise.
    Genesis will always be with you to make sure your every need is met.



    Overseas medical attention
    Emergency SOS service

    Requiring medical attention when travelling abroad can be a
    daunting experience.
    That is why our highly-trained staff will look after all the
    necessary steps to ensure a speedy overseas consultation
    at any of our certified partner hospitals.

    “I was able to secure a consultation through the concierge
    medical team quickly.
    They listened my issue and recommended the best hospital.
    This is a huge benefit, especially when abroad
    in an unfamiliar environment.”


* GENESIS GLOBAL LIFESTYLE CONCIERGE service offers and arranges travel plans tailored to individual tastes.
* Any additional services and expenses not mentioned herein are not covered.
* Benefits / Privileges mentioned herein are subject to availability and Terms & Conditions and subject to change by the service provides.
* Above service would be provided 2 weeks after delivery.

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