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Satisfying urban and off-road driving

Dynamic Performance

GENESIS GV70 Performance Features - PERFORMANCE


Engineered for excellent performance both
around town and on a weekend getaway,
the Genesis GV70 provides comfort and excitement
according to your needs.


AWD and Terrain Modes

The available AWD system of the Genesis GV70 has terrain modes with settings for snow, sand and mud, with each mode aiding in stable driving by influencing the engine, brakes, transmission and driving power.



Using the front camera, the damping force of the suspension fitted to 3.5T models is automatically adjusted to balance the movement of the vehicle to accommodate road conditions such as speed bumps, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Electronic Limited Slip Differential (E-LSD)

With an E-LSD fitted as standard to 3.5T models,
the driving power of the rear wheels is appropriately
distributed according to the road surface and driving conditions,
enabling a stable driving experience.


Engine Oil Monitoring System

An engine oil change cycle varies depending on driving patterns. The Genesis GV70 uses engine data for an automated calculation of your engine oil lifespan and notifies you when the oil needs to be changed, supporting a longer 15,000 km or once-a-year service interval.

Powertrains Max output 224kW Max torque 422Nm
Powertrains Max output 154kW Max torque 440Nm
Powertrains Max output 279kW Max torque 530Nm
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2.5T Petrol Engine

Efficient and economical, this turbocharged engine establishes the performance baseline.

2.2D e-VGT Turbo Diesel Engine

Outstanding efficiency and powerful torque to satisfy drivers who prefer traditional diesel-powered SUVs.

3.5T Petrol Engine

This twin turbocharged V6 is for drivers who demand the highest level of performance.

Overseas models shown. Features and specifications vary depending on region. All care has been taken to represent features and specifications as accurately as possible, using information available before launch.
Not all features are available on all variants of the Genesis GV70.
Before finalising orders for the GV70, please confirm final post-launch specifications.