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A drive that embodies safety and stability

Steady, Sturdy and Secure


A smart mix of preventative technology and
diligent engineering shapes one of the safest SUVs
on the road. The goal is to make you feel safe and
secure wherever you drive.

Driver control

anti-collision technology

Interconnected safety technologies continually analyse the prevailing driving conditions to help you avoid the unexpected. Forward, rear, cross-traffic and more, the GV80 will do everything possible to steer you out of harm's way.

Blind spot safety
  • Blind-Spot View Monitor

    During changing or entering a lane, any vehicle detected next to or diagonally behind the GV80 is displayed in the instrument cluster. If the driver activates the indicator light, a video image of their relevant blind spot is displayed in the centre console for better visibility of hidden surprises.

  • Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist

    In a range of scenarios including when another vehicle is changing lanes towards you, when they are approaching from the rear or when you attempt to change lanes, the GV80 is monitoring your blind spot and may take evasive steering or braking to potentially save you from a collision.

    *Operating speeds apply to scenarios described above.

Rear Safety Assist

    This system detects vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles to the rear GV80 when parking or exiting a park. Activating the brakes automatically to prevent collisions.

  • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance-Assist

    The GV80 uses a suite of in-built sensors to detect vehicles approaching from the rear, left and right, warning the driver and controlling the brakes to avoid a collision.

    *International model shown. Alloys pictured are not available locally.

Safety Features

Driver Attention Warning

Long journeys and overnight drives are an inevitable part of life. Driver attention warning monitors your driving inputs while Forward Attention Warning[A1] analyses the face of the driver with a camera built into the dashboard. When either system detects declining attention, an audio and dashboard alert will inform the driver it’s time to consider a break.

Safety Features

Intelligent Front Lighting System[A1]

Illuminate your surroundings for safe passage wherever the road takes you. Brilliantly bright, the GV80’s Intelligent Front-Lighting System is engineered to detect oncoming vehicles, dimming individual LEDs as needed, to avoid glare for the safety of you and the drivers around you.

Smart Cruise Control (SCC)
  • Lane Following Assist

    This system recognises the lane ahead via a front-facing camera, and helps maintain the steering of the GV80 to keep it safely centred in its lane.

  • Smart Cruise Control with Machine Learning

    When set, Smart Cruise Control maintains a safe distance to the car in front and includes Stop and Go functionality. Furthermore, a world first innovation enables the GV80 to learn the driver’s driving style and react similarly while making adjustments.

Reliable Protection

10-Airbag System

Whether you're a driver or a passenger, ride securely with the Genesis 10-airbag system. It uniquely features a centre airbag ready to activate between the two front seats, to help prevent collisions between passengers and subsequent impact injuries. For optimum impact reduction, there's also a side curtain airbag that extends all the way back to the third row.

Overseas model shown. Features and specifications vary depending on region. All care has been taken to represent features and specifications as accurately as possible, using the information available at this time. Not all features may be available on all variants of GV80. Please confirm final specifications at launch before finalising any orders for GV80.

[A1] - Feature available on optional luxury package only.

[A2] - Not all functions displayed may be available on local vehicle. Please check specifications at time of launch.

[A3] - Available on 3.0D AWD and 3.5T AWD variants only.