GV80 PerformanceGV80 Performance

The Power
To Go Places
The Power
To Go Places

Peak performance wherever the road takes youPeak performance wherever the road takes you


The GV80 opens the way to limitless journeys with its balanced and powerful performance delivering driving pleasure.

Close up of green GV80 front wheel travelling at highspeed on an off-road terrain, flicking dirt up


Terrain Mode

Genesis GV80 uses AWD systems and electronic slip differentials(E-LSD) to distribute the optimum drive power to various terrain and driving conditions, ensuring stable traction and excellent off-road performance.



The Electronically Controlled Suspension with Road Preview actively adjusts the GV80’s performance characteristics to deliver the smoothest possible drive. Using a front camera to detect potential potholes or speed bumps, the system adapts the damping force of the suspension to comfortably accommodate obstacles and reduce wheel impact from aftershocks.

new technology

Road-Noise Active Noise Control1Road-Noise Active Noise Control1

As the world’s first vehicle featuring Active Road Noise Control technology, the GV80 reduces all incoming sound from the road by producing an inverted soundwave enabling passengers to experience comforting driving.


AWD with E-LSD3AWD with E-LSD3

Combined with the Electronic Limited Slip-Differential (which improves the stability, power and handling of the left and right rear wheels), the GV80’s All Wheel Drive system ensures robust and dependable traction on all driving terrains.

New Rear-Wheel Drive PlatformNew Rear-Wheel Drive Platform

A new SUV platform has been developed specifically to optimise the GV80’s rear wheel drivetrain. Combined with a new suspension structure, it delivers outstanding road performance, off-road drivability and collision safety.

image of nothing but the gv80 chassis with 4 wheels attached on a warehouse floor image of nothing but the gv80 chassis with 4 wheels attached on a warehouse floor
image of gv80 car skeleton floating above the car chassis image of gv80 car skeleton floating above the car chassis


genesis-gv80-performance-3_0-turbo-gasoline-engine genesis-gv80-performance-3_0-turbo-gasoline-engine
Max Output
204 kW
5,800 rpm
Max Torque
588 Nm
1,300~4,500 rpm
genesis-gv80-performance-3_5-turbo-gasoline-engine genesis-gv80-performance-3_5-turbo-gasoline-engine
Max Output
279 kW
5,800 rpm
Max Torque
530 Nm
1,300~4,500 rpm
3.0 VGT Diesel Engine

The in-line six-cylinder I6 3.0 diesel engine with a water cooled intercooler and a CPA torque converter improves the fuel economy, responsiveness and the N.V.H. performance.

3.5T Petrol Engine

The water cooled intercooler is applied to the dual injection system to improve the engine responsiveness. The central mounted injector improves fuel economy and combustion stability by increasing combustion speed.


*Overseas model shown. Features and specifications vary depending on region. All care has been taken to represent features and specifications as accurately as possible, using the information available at this time. Not all features may be available on all variants of GV80. Please confirm final specifications at launch before finalising any orders for GV80.

1Feature available on optional luxury package only.

2 Not all functions displayed may be available on local vehicle. Please check specifications at time of launch.

3 Available on 3.0D AWD and 3.5T AWD variants only.